Ezetap, India’s leading payment solutions company, has launched an array of solutions under the umbrella of Zero Contact Payments for Delivery, focussing especially on the delivery segment, which is an integral part for business continuity across different sectors such as supermarkets, e-commerce, logistics, pharmacy, restaurants, etc. The use cases such as NFC Card Payments, QR code payments, and SMS Payment Links will ensure safe and contactless deliveries for online shoppers and delivery agents as well.

To curb the spread of COVID-19, RBI and NPCI have been encouraging the adoption of digital payments. While cash payments result in close proximity, customers and delivery agents are hesitant to exchange notes, as the virus can remain on surfaces including currency notes for a few hours. Businesses of all sizes are entering the delivery segment as delivery agents and customers are both concerned about safety. This has resulted in increased awareness and a boom for contactless deliveries, as it is rapidly becoming the new norm and strategy for business expansion and continuity across different sectors.

Here are the new Zero Contact payment features by Ezetap, with enhanced customer experience, that ensures safety across multiple touch-points during a home delivery.

  • NFC Card Payments: As soon as the delivery agent reaches the doorstep one can pay via NFC credit or debit card with a single tap on the PoS device.
  • Dynamic QR Codes: The delivery agent uses his mobile or POS device and generates a QR code containing the order information and payment details and displays it to the customer. This allows the customer to scan the QR using any UPI app.
  • Static QR Codes: In this use case, the agent carries a predesignated QR code assigned specially for him. The customer can then scan this QR code to make the payment, again maintaining a gap of 6 ft.
  • SMS Pay Link: To ensure safety, many co-operative housing societies have banned the entry of delivery agents. In such a situation, a delivery agent can share an SMS Pay link to the customer, encouraging payments via UPI, credit/debit or net banking; which the customer can facilitate from the convenience of their homes. The delivery agent can track the progress of the customer’s payment journey, receive the payment, and leave the package at the main gate without worry / confidently.
  • Bulk SMS: Ezetap has also introduced a bulk SMS feature which can be sent to all customers on the morning of the delivery.

Commenting on the Zero Contact Payments announcement, Byas Nambisan—CEO at Ezetap, said, “Social distancing amid COVID-19 has fuelled a surge in the use of contactless payments. Ezetap's ‘Zero Contact Payments for Delivery’ will allow customers to pay for goods or services digitally, instead of using cash. While Ezetap has been the leader in the delivery segment in India, this solution solves the problems that Covid-19 and the lockdown have created for companies that accept payment via cash on delivery. Offering multiple payment options on a single device makes the entire process smooth and low touch. Apart from simplifying omnichannel payment acceptance, it further ensures a customized payment experience based on different business needs.”

Since the inception of the company in 2011, Ezetap has been serving India’s leading players in the delivery segment and has been fundamentally changing how hundreds of millions of people pay for goods and services on a daily basis—by enabling businesses to accept any type of payment via any type of digital instrument (cards, wallets, apps) through a single interface. Ezetap platform has end-to-end capabilities to handle digital payment processing right from switching to reconciliation, using its own hardware and software.


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