There is a large influx of young students and working professionals migrating to metros every year in search of better education and employment opportunities. This has resulted in an increasing demand for accommodation. Though there is no shortage of PG accommodation in any city, however being away from home in a new city, looking for the right place to stay can be a very daunting task.

These are a few tips that will help you in your search for the right paying guest accommodation:


The basic criteria that should be employed while selecting a suitable PG accommodation are the budget. When you are moving into a new city, then affordability is the biggest issue. You should have a budget in place and for that, you should plan your expenses. Once you have the budget, half of your problems will be solved. While you are searching for best PG in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida or any other city do a quick online search for properties that match your location preference. Once this has been established, zero in on the accommodation providers that offer the best value for money.

Location & Locality:

The locality you have chosen should have seamless connectivity when it comes to transport. It should be easily accessible to the main road. Besides this, the other aspect to be considered is that it should be in the vicinity of your educational institute or office. It is always advisable to opt for a place where public transport is easily available.  The locality you choose to live in should have facilities like hospitals, shopping centers, entertainment zones, banks, ATMs, Fitness Centers amongst other things.

Quality of Food:

Another essential thing that has to be looked at is the availability of food and more importantly its quality and if there is a choice between vegetarian and non-vegetarian food or if there is a fixed menu. Also, check if the dinner timings are fixed or flexible and whether there is a provision for packed breakfast and lunch.

Curfew Timing:

Check if there is a curfew time and what is the latest time by which you have to get in. Getting this information is very important in order to avoid future unpleasantness especially if you are a working person who may not have a fixed time for returning.


Safety Measures: Another thing you should also take into consideration is the security aspect. There should be CCTVs in the building and in the surrounding areas as well as a police station in the vicinity which is easily approachable.

Guest Policy:

Before moving in you should be aware of the guest policy as every PG owner has his or her own guest policy. There may be times when you have friends visiting you or your parents coming to see you from your hometown so it is best to know about the guest policy from the PG flat owner.

Apart from the traditional PG accommodation and for a hassle-free life, you can also opt for professionally managed accommodation providers like Stanza Living who offer the comfort of living in what feels like your second home. The rent includes all amenities such as good water supply, security, electricity, internet connectivity, CCTV, excellent food, a friendly environment with fitness centers, social activities, and most importantly a clean and sanitized atmosphere. Click here to visit Stanza Living - India's largest managed-accommodation space provider for students and working professionals.

In a professionally managed accommodation, the main factor which makes it a popular choice is that you can save on both time and energy since all your needs will be met under one roof!!

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