In order to support the disrupted rural supply chain, Gramophone has tied up with the local young rural entrepreneurs for last mile delivery which resulted in double business in last three months as compared to previous year.

One of the main challenges in the agriculture supply chain is the last mile - the final leg from the distribution centre to the customer. If we look at the need of the hour is to provide agri inputs to the farmers as quickly as possible, within 1-2 days, especially seeds and crop protection, which contribute to over 80% of gramophone’s product portfolio.

Gramophone’s distribution model has lesser time of shipment of around 1-2 days only. To provide products to farmer quickly, Gramophone’s inventory need to be closer to the customers, and with this principle, they have created a decentralized distribution model with the setup of Gram Uday centers.

From these Gram Uday centers, Gramophone is further moving the material to different clusters, the geographical indicators served by their farm advisors, from where the product is finally delivered to the farmers at their doorstep. With this model, their delivery time has reduced from 4-5 days to 1-2 days as they don’t need it consolidate the demand to the same extent as any other e-commerce company who operate out of centralized model.

These young rural entrepreneurs have delivery tie ups with Gramophone, creating a second source of income for these entrepreneurs. This last mile delivery network is also helping gramophone to serve farmers better. In addition to this, the company has also tied up with local shops in the villages to act like a micro warehouses, keeping various parcels of the farmers nearby. From these partner shops, their delivery boys pickup and deliver it to the farmers directly.

The company’s supply chain model has been designed in a way that it can demonstrate its fruit-fullness even at times of crisis. Cotton and chilli are widely cultivated in the Barwani, Khandwa and Burhan districts during these months. We are delivering all the required Agri Inputs at the doorstep of farmers in these districts.

“We had strategically built our operational model to have deeper penetrations through our Omnichannel approach. Our technology architecture was geared to deliver Agronomic Intelligence personalised to the farm level of a farmer who worked efficiently without any ground support. With a decentralised demand generation and delivery model, we could not only aggressively grow our business but also gain the TRUST of the farmers in such time.” Tauseef Khan, Co-Founder at Gramophone.

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