Details of over four crore Indian users of TrueCaller are now available for sale at just $1,000 on the Dark Web, as per Cyble Inc, a U.S -based cyber intelligence firm.

Truecaller however has denied the breach and according to a LiveMint report, the company has said that there has been no breach of the company’s database and all user information was secure.

The indentified cyber-criminal behind the data leak is posing by the name of 'TooGod' on the dark web. The low price suggests that the threat actor has some interest in gaining attention or expanding his customer base.

According to a company spokesperson's statement, "We were informed about a similar sale of data in May 2019. What they have here is likely the same dataset as before."

Truecaller is a mobile app that has features of caller-identification, call-blocking, and flagging spam numbners

According to a report by The Hindu, citing a study by cyber-intel firm Cyble -- the leaked data reveals that the details belong to citizens from all over the country, including from States like Maharashtra, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, North East India, Odisha and Punjab, along with another folder titled ‘Unknown’. The details include phone numbers, names, genders, locations, emails ids and Facebook profile information.

Researchers from Cybel have identified a known player on the dark web offering details of a whopping 4.75 crore Indians for sale. Even more surprisingly, the entire packet, which would be regarded as a goldmine in terms of the sheer number of ways it can be misused, is being offered for a surprisingly low $1,000.

Cyble has indexed this information on -- Cyble’s data breach monitoring and notification platform. People who are concerned about their exposure can register on the website to ascertain their exposure,

Indian central and State cybercrime agencies have initiated investigations into the matter, taking into account the scope for the number of crimes that can be committed, including phishing rackets and identity thefts.

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