The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the virus as a global emergency and as a precautionary measure to fight against Coronavirus, DailyObjects, India's premier site offering for designer and customizable cell phone cases, has launched a second UV sterilizer, UV-C Pocket Sterilizer with an added benefit of a vegan leather case that keeps your pocket sterilizer safe from scratches and drops.

The new product is named The Wield-UV-C Pocket Sterilizer and has been launched on the DailyObjects platform. It comes packed with technology that kills up to 99.9% germs within 10 seconds - 3minutes for large everyday items, devices or surfaces with an easy reach.

The Wield is safe, portable with a compact design and a battery-operated function that makes it convenient to carry around. It is equipped to disinfect steering wheels, lift buttons, crockery, switch boards, car seats, clothes & even items in your hotel room which helps to make your travel germ-free.

The Wield has distinctive additional features that includes UVC LED, Tilt detection sensors, a work lamp, electricity lamp and UVC lamp to indicate proper working to promote disinfection and sterilization. It’s an already known fact that UV light acts as an essential anti-microbial tool where it can kill microorganisms by destroying their nucleic acids and disrupting the DNA. This further prevents these microorganisms from performing the necessary and important cellular functions.

Moreover, The Wield also supports USB charging and comes packed with a 400 mAh battery with 100 mins of standby after full charge. And has a UVC LED lifespan of 5000-10000 hours. The best part is that it also has an auto shutdown feature for 5-minute.

Mr. Pankaj Garg said “We use advanced technologies to create products that are as durable as they are delightful. We stand behind our products and support previously unseen in India. While regular hand washing and maintaining social distancing are some effective ways to avoid catching viruses, disinfecting and cleaning our daily use items has become even more necessary. We have designed the product for different sized objects for sanitizing and disinfecting the objects”.

“Before launching pocket friendly UV Sterilizer, we had introduced India’s 1st Portable Multi-Functional UV Sterilizer which disinfects phones, tech – gadgets & accessories, amidst Covid-19 pandemic, he further added ''.

Price: ₹ 2199/-

This product is available online at:
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