All new mesh routers from Tenda exhibits top of the line features making your Work from Home experience smooth

 As the world is battling with COVID-19 pandemic, all necessary steps are being taken to prevent further spread of the viral infection. One of the key measures that are being incorporated is Work from Home and millions of individuals are implementing it. But certainly without a good Wi-Fi network, one cannot simply boost productivity. Therefore, it is equally important to have good Wi-Fi router that offers superior connectivity in your living space. To address all these problems, Tenda, a leading provider of networking devices offers its MW3 AC1200 and Nova MW6 Whole Home Mesh WiFi Router System to cover a large space with consistent Wi-Fi signals while eliminating the dead spots within the house.

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Tenda MW3 is a 1200Mbps dual-band distribution mesh Wi-Fi system designed for 100-300 houses, bringing in Wi-Fi coverage, as well as fast and stable internet connection to cover your household. Pack of 3 provides you with up to 300 Wi-Fi range; while pack of 2 provides up to 200 Wi-Fi range and is also ideal for more than 1 floor houses. Compliant with IEEE 802.11v and IEEE 802.11r seamless roaming protocols, MW3 supports automatic network optimization and automatic routing selection, allowing one to enjoy a more stable and flexible wireless network while Nova MW6 is powered with Mesh technology, a set of three units covers home up to 6,000 square feet with strong Wi-Fi signals. It’s Smart Auto-path Selection Technology to ensure a robust wireless network and maximize a faster home internet.

Equipped with MU-MIMO and Smart QoS Intelligence Technology features, Tenda MW3 offers unrivalled coverage and stable performance. MU-MIMO Technology ensures a stable wireless connection and increases the quality of connected clients and data processing while QoS Intelligence Technology allocates bandwidth to ensure smooth streaming, gaming, downloading and uninterrupted video chat at the same time.  Tenda Nova MW6 comes equipped with Beamforming Technology which helps in focusing transmit power onto wireless devices for better signal strength apart from MU-MIMO technology.

Speaking on the development, John Dong, Director, Tenda India commented, “In this time of pandemic, we have witnessed a massive surge in remote working. To remain effective and efficient, there is an increasing demand for networking-related products such as Wi-Fi routers, range extenders, and other devices. Our Wi-Fi Mesh router systems promises to remove issues such as Wi-Fi dead spots by providing the bandwidth and processing needed to reduce congestion and increase overall work efficiency."

Tenda MW3 and Nova MW come with enhanced smart management and security features which help in managing networks easily and from anywhere. One of the unique features that make Tenda Mesh routers stand apart from its competitors is its “Smart Tenda Wi-Fi App” which allows one to have easy access to the device and also blocking any unauthorized users with a single tap. They also support Parental Control to help parents with the internet safely while kids are accessing the internet and Guest Network to protect personal privacy as well. Also, Tenda Nova MW6 works with Alexa to control your compatible devices.

Key Features: 

  • 300 and 6,000 square feet WiFi range

  • Compliant with IEEE 802.11v and IEEE 802.11r seamless roaming protocols

  • MU-MIMO, Smart QoS Intelligence and Beamforming Technology

  • Smart Auto-path Selection Technology

  • Alexa Inbuilt

  • One Single SSID and Password

  • Ethernet Backhaul

  • Guest Network

  • Cloud Management

  • Smart Tenda Wi-Fi App

Pricing and Availability:

Tenda MW3 and MW6 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi Router System are available through authorized partners and other reseller channels across India. Both mesh routers are available on Amazon at Market Operating Price of Rs. 15,999/- (Tenda MW6) and Rs.9, 999/- (Tenda MW3).

Founded in 1999, Tenda technology is the worldwide leader in networking devices and equipment. Tenda has committed to delivering easy-to-install and affordable networking solutions, offering innovative, cutting-edge products to realize people's intelligent life. The brand has been successfully providing cutting edge technology in home networking, business networking, switch, broadband CPE, gateway, power lines, mobile broadband, and IP camera, etc.  As the first home-grown router and wireless network device manufacturer in China, Tenda has been a pioneer in adopting the latest technology and professional service system to offer a reliable network.
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