Over the past few weeks, the legal sports-betting industry has realized a significant blow due to the lack of sporting activities. This is after major leagues worldwide canceled or postponed their matches amid coronavirus concerns. As a result, the sports betting companies are finding ways to cut costs with the hope of keeping their businesses afloat.

Bookmakers nowadays are launching betting pools around popular topics such as politics and TV shows. They are also focusing on smaller international sporting activities such as horse racing, A-league soccer, and rugby. Still, betting on these games is a bit complicated considering the precautions put in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Luckily, the growth of IoT has revolutionized the gambling industry. The use of tech in the industry makes it possible to bet from the comfort of your home without necessarily going to your local social joint. For instance, you can place cricket odds at any time from anywhere as long as you’re connected to the internet.

Benefits of IoT Integration in the Sports Betting Industry

While the benefits of IoT integration in the betting industry are undeniable, they’re more vivid during these coronavirus times. Before we get into the benefits, you need to understand how IoT and AI work.

IoT is when ‘things’ such as your smartphone, sensors, wearable devices, digital assistance, and other devices are recognized by other devices connected to the internet during data collection and processing. When a system can complete a task or study data intelligently, then you have artificial intelligence. Combining the two gives creates an artificial internet of things, AIoT, in which case the connected devices can analyze data and make a decision to act on it without human intervention.

When used in the sports gambling industry, AIoT helps operators come up with well-tailored platforms, which are smartphones, tablets, and betting apps compatible. The overall result is improved efficiency and effectiveness of gambling platforms. 

  • Having Your Queries Answered at All Times 

With the coronavirus pandemic causing havoc across the globe, many companies, including sportsbooks, will have delayed responses when you reach out for help. When your smart devices are connected to the internet, you can get responses in real-time. For instance, if you have a transaction query, AIoT powered chatbots will answer your questions in real-time.  

  • Data Storage 

AnIoT stores your data based on how you choose your bets. The system collects your data whenever you log in to your sports bookie account and place your bets. That means that AIoT can predict your next decision without your involvement. Besides, AIoT analyzes your favorite games, making sure that they appear first on your screen, hence saving you the stress of navigating through hundreds of games.


  • Get Personalized Betting Ads


Have you ever wondered why you see certain ads when you’re on social media, checking out your email, or visiting any other website? Well, the AIoT stores your data whenever you visit a bookie site using your laptop or smartphone. So, when you use the same device to peruse through another site, you get the bookie ads showing the trending offers. That way, it becomes easy for you to place your bets whenever there’s a match going on, even if you don’t have time to watch it. 


  • Stay Connected with Your Sportbomaker


Technology use in the betting industry made it possible to have mobile casinos where you can access all types of casino games and wager on sports at your convenience. Similarly, the gaming operators ensure that they’re connected with the bets by sending regular notifications and giving loyalty rewards, which you can reward instantly through your device. 

Not only that, but mobile casino developers have also found ways to integrate micro casino apps on smartwatches, ensuring that you can place a bet even when working out! Besides, augmented reality and virtual reality make things even better by literally bringing the casino into your living room. 

Bottom Line

The online gaming industry is set for a massive boom, all thanks to the application of AIoT. More so, various states in India are more lenient about online gambling than ever before. As a result, many bookies are availing their services in the country, giving you a variety to choose from. 

During this coronavirus-forced lockdown, you can bet and make inquiries with confidence that AIoT-controlled chatbots will provide personalized offers, 24/7 customer support, and keep you updated about the best available offers. You can, therefore, take advantage of the lockdown to check out available sports betting alternatives.

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