Bityard, a Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange, has announced that it has officially launched a global business layout using Singapore as its base to conduct business with clients in Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States. Additionally, in correlation with the global development of cryptocurrency transactions, Bityard is a blockchain application technology exchange, and as such, has been awarded the appropriate licenses from the ACRA of the Singaporean government.

Bityard has also established offices in many countries in the Asia-Pacific region and obtained local professional licenses. Bityard vows to provide users with a safe trading environment and a commitment to excellence for users of the platform. In the future, Bityard will continue to enhance the user-friendly and professional user experience. Taking the concept of "complex contracts and simple transactions" as core values, it is Bityard's intention to spearhead the market using cutting-edge technology.

Bityard embodies three simple characteristics not seen by other exchanges: Safety, simplicity, and speed. Bityard supports two-factor-authentication and holds several licenses for business globally. With regards to simplicity, the interface is not overbearing and the information users see is easy to digest. Finally, with regards to speed, users can be trading in as little as ten minutes after they finish registration on the platform. There is also a daily mining activity on the Bityard platform to allow users to reward themselves with a little bit of cryptocurrency daily. Bityard anticipates a large number of users joining the platform later this year.
Global Brand Ambassador: Buakaw

At present, Bityard has successfully entered the Vietnamese and Chinese markets, and achieved excellent results. There are also more and more users entering the platform from Indonesia, India, South Africa, Thailand and other countries. Before the end of 2020, Bityard will cover Asia Pacific, Europe, and the USA with full multi-language support to achieve its vision for a globalized platform.

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