• Completed lighting in record time of ten months, nine-storied building, spread over a wide area of 5.86 lakh sq. feet

  • Flicker-free lights are best suited for accommodation of eyes

  • OPPLE used 'Slim downlight', 'HJ Grid Spot', 'Bulkhead', '2x2 panels'

  • Largest Cancer hospital with 352 beds was executed by Tata Trusts

The Shanghai-based lighting company, OPPLE, has achieved a unique feat by completing the lighting in record time of ten months at the Tata Cancer Hospital at Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh.

The LED giant has installed eye-friendly flicker-free lights for the patients at the Cancer hospital. The lights are suitable for the normal human eyes whereas considered best for the patients. Flickering lights have adverse effects on the accommodation of eyes. The lighting company, OPPLE, has designed a wide-range series of such lights in order to give users a comfortable lighting experience. OPPLE used 'Slim downlight', 'HJ Grid Spot', 'Bulkhead', '2x2 panels' and other fittings to light the entire premise of the hospital.

[caption id="attachment_144320" align="aligncenter" width="800"] OPPLE lighting being used in the patient ward at Tata Cancer Hospital[/caption]

Mr. Rambo Zhang, Head, OPPLE India said, "This complete project has been executed in mission-mode and the shortest possible time. To light, a nine-storied building, spread over a wide area of 5.86 lakh sq feet, in just ten months was a herculean task, but our team of highly trained professionals, technicians and engineers made this possible in record time. Under the tight deadline, we completed lighting design with the help of team of architects from Edifice and Clancy-Global. The main aim and challenge was to provide flicker-free, uniform and soothing lights for the patients."

This Cancer hospital, named after noted educational reformer and educationist Mahamana Pundit Madan Mohan Malviya, was inaugurated by the honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

It is to be noted that this project of 352 beds hospitals was executed by Tata Trusts. Significantly, Varanasi is also the Lok Sabha constituency of Shri Narendra Modi. This is the largest Cancer Care hospital built in least time by any philanthropic organization. It is the one-of-its-kind cancer hospital in the country that provides high quality and affordable cancer care at Varanasi.

"During the installation, there were concerns among the staffs and other members of the hospital whether the lighting will be sufficient or not but as soon as the completed, there was sigh of relief among everyone. It was a noble cause, we couldn't afford loose ends. We see the staffs and all the other members working with ease inside their chambers and cabins," says Mr. Zhang.

About OPPLEOPPLE Lighting is an Innovative, fast growing, Integrated Lighting Solutions Company. With sales & service operations in more than 50 countries around the world, OPPLE is known for its strong commitment to R&D and Innovation. OPPLE Lighting was founded in 1996 as home lighting company specializing in the manufacture of CFL and ceiling lights. Since then the companys portfolio has diversified to include electrical appliances, commercial lighting and LED lighting and is the largest home lighting company in the Chinese market. The company is headquartered in Shanghai, China.

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