We are facing unprecedented times and as social creatures, we are finding it increasingly difficult to entertain ourselves while locked away. 

I have taken from my own personal experience to provide the ultimate entertainment package during this lockdown: 

Try your luck at an online casino 

From offline to online, slots are one of the most popular casino games around. They’re easy to learn and fun to play so why not try something new? You’ll be surprised what a boredom killer it can be. 

You should decide on your limits before playing. It’s important to make sure that you gamble responsibly. The reason for this is to ensure that the majority of your game time is about having fun. A cash prize is a bonus, do not let it ruin your enjoyment. 

Maximizing your fun is crucial, and finding the right casino is a big part of that. Try review pages on sites like Online Casinos and scan for offers that appeal to you. Remember free spins mean more fun without the risk. There are lots of 50 free spins casinos available, but there are many better deals around if you do the research.

Lose yourself in another world

As we stare from the window, the outside feels a step too close to dystopia. Comparable to the barren wasteland of Fallout and the eerie silence of The Last Of Us. Only we feel lost in the fold, as reality goes by. 

You may find solace in the ability to manipulate the virtual world. Here we are the survivor who champions the apocalypse and the hero who harmonizes evil with the good. Not to say we are not capable of impacting real-life — but if we’re honest — it’s more fun from the comfort of our home. 

In light of a worldwide lockdown, gaming platforms from Steam to the Playstation Store are producing some amazing Spring sales to keep gamers entertained. I recommend investing in the brilliant Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The game develops a fantastical yet believable world, ripe for complete emersion.  

Make a playlist

Are you working from home? Or seeking a soundtrack to the lockdown? Look no further than your phone. Take some time to build a playlist tailored for you, by you. A collaboration project between you and your favorite artists.

Music is a brilliant way to express your mood. All too often we become acclimated to the default playlists on streaming apps. The lockdown is the perfect excuse to discover new music. No more lucky dips into Hip Hop Caviar or Hot Hits UK. Create something of your own that will never get boring to listen to. 

There are many streaming services nowadays from Apple Music to Soundcloud (and each has its merits) yet the king remains Spotify. Tightening its grip in recent months by claiming streaming rights to the Jay Z catalog and Dr. Dre’s The Chronic. There is strong depth represented on any streaming platform. So the user has a deal of freedom in creating a great playlist wherever they choose. 

Design a home cinema

The lockdown has taken away the cinema experience. But that does not mean we cannot enjoy a good movie (or hilariously bad ones) amongst great company. You can create a home cinema out of equipment dotted around the house. 

If anything like my housemates and me, you hold a great affinity to film. Nothing will stop you from watching the latest flick — particularly not the cinemas closing. 

You can build a DIY home cinema. All you need is an HDMI cable, A large monitor and your mate’s speakers. Soon you will be enjoying movies together again. Yet, many do not have the fortune to live with friends and family. Due to the wonders of technology you can watch along with each other online, by using services such as Netflix Party

The COVID-19 epidemic is a scary and uncertain time for everyone. So, all the better reason to find sanctuary in entertainment. Give these great ideas a shot and you may feel better for it. 

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