The British actress showcases her vocal prowess with this Disney fantasy musical!

Mary Poppins is known for its songs, usually sung by the lead actress, formally immortalised by Julie Andrews. The latest rendition of the franchise, Mary Poppins Returns, continues this tradition, by having the lead actress Emily Blunt lend her vocals for not two or three, but for seven songs! Which includes the Academy award nominated- The Place Where Lost Things Go”. 

The songs were written with the actress in mind and were composed accordingly to her vocal skills. The tracks - The Place Where Lost Things Go, Can You Imagine That?!, The Royal Doulton Music Hall, Introducing Mary Poppins, A Cover is Not the Book, Turning Turtle, Trip a Little Light Fantastic were all composed variedly giving the British actress an opportunity to try different musical styles . Blunt went on to great lengths to do justice to these songs and worked closely with the composers to perfect her performances. Cast members – Lin Manuel Miranda, Meryl Streep and Dick Van Dyke have also recorded alongside Emily Blunt for the exquisite songs. The album features an array for different songs from beautiful ballads to fun filled dance numbers, putting the actress in a challenging position.  Watch Mary Poppins Returns this 26th April at 1pm on Star Movies, your kid’s favourite time in the day.


Regarding the recording for the soundtrack, Blunt stated “I found it ever so medicinal. On my days off I would go to meet the songwriters and they'd be crafting these incredible songs. It was just like a lovely respite from boozing. Like I felt very comfortable with them by the time we did the recording. I mean we recorded these songs with 100-piece orchestra. It was truly a moving experience. You sing it with them so they can hear your tempo. It was wild.”

Blunt further added To be able to lend my vocals to some of these songs has been such a huge honour. I think I felt less pressure approaching it in this way than I would doing an adaptation of something that's been done before, because it's not comparative. You've only got songs that have effectively been catered to me, and what my ability is. So in that way, it's an incredibly collaborative experience and one that I was invited into, but I think these songs, even though you have not heard them before, there's something about the music that feels familiar. I think that's always the sign of a great song.”

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