Arka Venture Labs, a VC firm that provides capital and mentorship to B2B companies along with Qu Ventures joins dotin Inc. as the latest investor in the start-up’s current funding round. dotin Inc., a Business to Business, Artificial Intelligence, Software as Service platform leverages critical insights on employees’ and potential hires’ personalities to promote employer-employee alignment in the workplace. 

Despite economic uncertainty, is having a successful round of funding. And it is for good reason. “We liked the team dotin team, and the Patents they have created in this space after extensive research gives them a strong moat," shares Radhesh Kanumury, Managing Partner, Arka Venture Labs.

Arka Venture Labs’ investment extends beyond capital. The group works to help companies access Silicon Valley by providing expert mentorship, networking opportunities, and infrastructure support. That means accelerated growth in the US. “While we’ve had considerable success in the US already, our partnership with Arka Venture Labs and Qu Ventures helps dotin in scaling. And given the fallout of COVID-19, our AI platform is needed more than ever. We can make a real difference, helping employers access talent and their employee pool to best support their workforce during such a critical period,” Ganesh Iyer, CEO and Founder of dotin explains. "The timing of this partnership is fortunate. We look forward more such partnerships in this round."

The dotin platform utilizes psychology, structured/unstructured social or enterprise data, and machine learning to identify interpersonal decision-points and modify behavior for the benefit of employer and employee. This yields powerful business outcomes and improves the quality of employees’ work life. 

Right now, bettering the day-to-day for talent is necessary. Many companies have gone virtual to protect their employees during the pandemic. But for some, work-from-home can be a challenge. dotin Inc. AI platform can help. For industries looking to safely onboard new talent, insights into personality and work habits can ensure employers bring on workers who will perform well under these extenuating conditions. Or, employers can use these insights to offer the right support and training to their existing workforce to help during these trying times. 

With the additional funding, dotin plans to further their product development, widening the scope of their offerings. This round of funding is still open for interested investors. 

About dotin Inc. 

Based in Silicon Valley, dotin Inc.'s proprietary AI service software taps into structured and unstructured data to deliver rich, impactful and bias-free business insights. 

About Arka Venture Labs

Arka Venture Labs is a cross-border accelerator fund launched with three venture capitalist firms – Blume Ventures, Benhamou Glove Ventures, and Emergent Ventures.

Arka offers B2B start-ups with the capital and investment they need to invest in overseas markets. Specifically, the group helps companies access the Silicon Valley ecosystem with its vital mentoring and infrastructure support.

About Qu Ventures

Qu Ventures is a family-owned investment firm that provides early-stage tech companies with resources backed by the public companies the family owns, including Alpha Group (the largest entertainment company in China) and Aulton New Energy.

Among its many investments, Qu Ventures has partnered with Starship Technologies, Leaseable, Pronto, and Byton (a new generation of smart vehicles and a direct competitor to Tesla). Qu Ventures works with an organization's management team to do more than just write a check; the group helps entrepreneurs focus on innovation, disruption, and impact. 

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