Students of Suncity School showcased their project - An Advanced Air Monitoring System before Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft during his visit to India. It had earlier won the third prize in AI Challenge at Microsoft EDUDAYS which witnessed a participation of 700+ schools across India to expose the educators to the state-of-art learning and innovation practices in education. The project is a brainchild of four students of Grade 9, namely Diya Bhatnagar, Yashita Manglick, Saksham Diwan and Arush Lall.

Ms. Rupa Chakravarty, Director, Suncity School, said, "We are elated to receive recognition from Microsoft. The project demonstrates the innovative and creative spirit of the students and is a step forward in transforming education through Transversal learning. We are grateful to Microsoft for providing us with the opportunity to discuss and deliberate on the innovative means to transform education and think empathetically while changing the world."

Aerocras comprises a computing system and sensors that can be used to carefully monitor the amount of Suspended Particulate Matter in the surroundings. Through IoT, the project can improvise on current air purifiers by switching it on automatically when the amount exceeds the safe limit, thereby conserving energy.

These four students had undertaken the project as a part of their assignment. Diya Bhatnagar was the leader of the project who enjoys coding and designing using Photoshop. She has programmed various applications such as Dishi which is a messaging application. Another member, Arush Lall had won the TCS Ion 2019 - Creativity and Innovation - First in India. Wherein, he was awarded with a cheque amount of Rs. 50,000. He has also been a part of the World Scholar's Cup - 3rd best team in South Asia. The other two members, Yashita Manglick and Saksham Diwan are proficient in editing.

Diya Bhatnagar, the project lead and a student of Suncity School, said, "It was an amazing and enriching experience to meet Satya Nadella. He commended us for recognizing the magnitude of air pollution as a massive challenge. Going forward, we intend to leverage AI to assess the causes of not only air pollution but also noise and water pollution and facilitate informed decision-making."

The second edition of Education Days 2019 witnessed a participation of 700+ schools and students across India. It recognized the efforts of schools on the usage of technology in day-to-day classrooms to enable next-level collaboration. It also aimed to instil critical thinking, problem-solving, self-management and responsible decision-making skills among students. The annual event is in line with Microsoft's vision to evolve the educational landscape of the country through the integration of technology.

Suncity School was earlier selected to represent its Multiple Intelligence Lab by Microsoft through Skype in Virtual Field Tour (VFT).

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