Coronavirus indeed challenging the existence of mankind, threatening the very base of our societal living. Times like these questioning the survival of humankind calls for massive ground rooted indigenous HealthTech innovations than ever before. Innovations those can empower 769+ crores of our citizens and the world to be self-assisted, self-educated reducing false load on our healthcare, wellness care systems.

Sanjeevan HealthTech AI Engine by NIHWN.Co. intending to provide Bharaths First Comprehensive Self Evaluation Assessment Platform to Identify At-Risk Patients of COVID-19 for 130+ crore Bharath Citizens and the 769+ crore of world. Download NIHWN application from Google Play Store or Apple Appstore assess COVID-19 risk for you, your family, your friends & loved ones Today, Receive detailed report along with downloadable resources Completely at Free of cost.

Sanjeevan is Health Wellness Tech Artificial Intelligence Engine of NIHWN.Co., result of decades Innovative, Research work, Made in Bharath Indigenously...Core purposed to empower crores of people, their families to live healthy by assisting them self-diagnosing various psychological/ physiological problems extended for COVID19.

NIHWN.Co - National Integrated Health Wellness Care Network is real time medical, wellness care platform of StartUpIndia awarded Bharath HealthCare P LIMITED, HealthTech division of prestigious Kotii Group. Core purposed to be empowering crores of people, their families seeking medical, wellness care by connecting them with lakhs of proven, experienced, qualified medical, wellness care professionals in nearby neighborhood to lead and live healthy lives.

We at Bharath HealthCare P LIMITED are core purposed to be empowering 769+ crore people across 230+ countries to be incharge of their health and health of their family members. Engaged in HealthTech innovations in association with Harvard Global High, USA, Sri Venkateswara Institute of Medical Sciences, Tirupati., part of Kotii Group

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