Amidst the panic across the world over the rapid spreading of pandemic Covid 19 disease, PerSapien comes up with a device, Airlens Minus Corona (-Corona) to counter the robust spreading of Coronavirus.

As corona has infected about 2.3 lakhs people worldwide while claiming over 9,357 lives, humanity is racing against time for their lives. At this point in a needful hour, PerSapien, an organization that strongly believes that good health is the birthright of each (Per) human being (Sapien), came up with a new technology to save the humans.

According to the technology, the device will fight the coronavirus with corona discharge. It has been devised into a “Robo Sapien” (a human-like) machine that operates on the mechanism of charged/ionized water droplets which is ionized using the corona discharge. The ionized water in return oxidizes the viral protein reducing it to a non-harmful molecule.

This about a duo an IIT Kharagpur & AIIMSian alumnus Debayan Saha & Shashi Ranjan respectively who develop a device "Airlens Minus Corona" that will travel on streets to sterilize the city. It will go to hospitals, bus stops, railway stations, shopping malls and other public places to sterilize the surfaces which may cause the spread of the coronavirus.

A new approach or technology is required for "Saving Sapiens" and therefore both came up with a solution naming this technology as Airlens Minus Corona (-Corona) as it clears up the Coronavirus using the electrical energy of Corona - Fighting Corona With Corona.

The device is a concept of Robo Sapien that will also inspire humanity to come together in this fight against coronavirus. Kindly share your thoughts on the above discovery and let me know if you'd be interested to connect with Founder for more information.

How Does it Work?

The power lies in electrifying water droplets to kill coronavirus. The duo invents a new way to kill coronavirus using charged/ionized water droplets. Water droplets can be ionized using Corona Discharge. Such ionized water droplets can help in the oxidation of viral proteins into non-harmful molecules. Oxidation is one of the most potent antimicrobial tools. This technique can potentially sterilize the entire city.


There are several ways by which Viruses can be inactivated - Alcohols (such as ethanol or IPA) is one of them and alcohol-based hand sanitizer are useful for individuals or for sanitizing surfaces at a smaller scale but insufficient in such an emergency to use them for sanitizing cities.

Earlier, the duo inventors have also invented devices like PM Minus 2.5 to help curb vehicular pollution and Airlens which is a car air sanitizer. I hope this story is news material for you.

Dr. Sashi Ranjan, Co-Founder of PerSapien Innovations said, “Diving deeper into the scientific research I did at NUS, Singapore, I realized that oxidation is one of the most potent antimicrobial tools which can sterilize the entire city. Our technology uses an optimal combination of electric energy and water atomization techniques to induce a charge on water droplets while creating the most potent oxidative entities, Hydroxyl radicals that can oxidize and kill the coronavirus."

The “Robo-Sapien” machine will travel on the streets especially targeting the public gathering places like hospitals, bus stops, railway stations, shopping malls, etc. to sterilize the city from the spreading of the virus.

Speaking on the occasion, Debayan Saha, Co-Founder of PerSapien said, “Alcohols (like ethanol or IPA) are known to inactivate viruses by denaturing their protein coat. But the alcohol-based hand sanitizer is useful for individuals or for sanitizing surfaces at a smaller scale (home, offices, etc.) in the fight against Coronavirus. However, this is insufficient in such an emergency as it is impractical to use alcohol for sanitizing cities."

Thus, to combat the virus at a global scale/ national level, the entire city needs to be sanitized for which Airlens Minus Corona (-Corona) has been created.


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