• FanFight emerged as best platform to play fantasy cricket online which offers tournaments on all leagues be it IPL, Women's cricket, State Leagues in India and International matches.

  • Akhil Suhag, Founder & CEO strongly agrees on online fantasy cricket has grown multifold on the lines of growth happened in cricket in the last two to three years.

  • The demand for women's cricket, International leagues and State leagues have gone up and players are looking at new opportunities where in they can gain edge over others to increase their chances of winning

Fantasy sports have certainly gained a fair share of traction over the last couple of years in India due to advent in popularity of sports such as Cricket, Football and Kabaddi coupled with technological advancement in the arena of gaming industry in India.
At present the people in India are majorly playing and following Fantasy Cricket as Cricket is religion in India. But due to increase in technological advancements the people are getting more engaged to other sports such as Football & Kabaddi. The enhancement of Fantasy games have created enormous viewership for state leagues, women's cricket and Ranji trophy in Tier I and Tier II cities.

The Indian obsession with cricket is certainly no secret. The last few years have also seen a significant rise in the popularity of other sports which has resulted in the introduction of several leagues in various games. The growth in the number of sports enthusiasts is clear from the burgeoning television viewership, advertisements, merchandising, fan clubs associated with the rise in popularity of such sports in India.

The simple reason that in Tier I and Tier II cities viewership of above leagues have increased because, at FanFight, we constantly strive to be creative and innovative by thrusting and believing that there is always more creative and innovative solutions offering to the discerning audience. This mind set ensures that we continue to serve a diverse yet never content audience and are consistently striving to better their offering and thereby providing awesome game playing experiences to viewers.

In addition, the demand for women's cricket, International leagues and State leagues like Karnataka etc. have gone up and players online are looking at new opportunities where in they can gain edge over other players and increase their chances of winning.

Today, what is more interesting about various tournaments including women's cricket viewership is that more users engage on gaming platforms from smaller markets. Fantasy Cricket is driving the traffic in Tier II and Tier III cities for viewership of smaller versions of IPL in various states.

The exponential growth in Tier I and Tier II markets can be attributed to more internet users now than three years ago and a majority share in the new internet user base, who are often just coming online to take part in such fantasy games that have garnered national appeal.

IPL has a pull over the masses and the consumption of the sports is not limited to television alone. With upcoming Indian Premier League, the experts are stating that it is a golden period for online fantasy sports games. Also, social media users are actively participating in fantasy cricket applications by discussing the game on cricketing sites going through live commentary.

Factors like the popularity of cricket and rising internet penetration, in IPL 2020 we can see the digital penetration crossing over 300 million viewers. Taking this engagement to the next level are the fantasy cricket applications, users connect with the game and make predictions for the winning team. What we expect to see this year on fantasy cricket apps is significant engagement with the game and a large volume of registrations. Exciting and innovative competition formats and the ability to showcase cricket knowledge and skill along with competing with real players has made fantasy cricket the preferred medium to enjoy IPL and cricket.

Presently India have more than 100 million fantasy sports players and it is growing with rapid speed of 20 to 30% per year. It is also becoming popular as it is a skilled game and not gambling. And hence the fantasy sports market is increasing rapidly in India.

About FanFight leading online fantasy gaming platform:
FanFight was founded by ISB alumni Mr. Akhil Suhag in 2016. Currently has players base of more than 6 million and emerged as fastest growing fantasy cricket gaming platform. FanFight is designed with lots simplicity so that everyone can play on this platform for good gaming experience and win money too. Players can also play Football and Kabaddi on the platform as popularity of these two games have been on the rise in India in the last couple of years.

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