A major ratio of plagiarism checkers is meant for education personnel and students only. However, the tool designed for scanning copied content is a definite exception. It proves the fact that these soft wares can be used by anyone who needs to check copied content. In terms of reputation and quality level, this is surely one of the best alternatives’ users can get their hands on. The best thing is that this plagiarism checking software would come in handy for you even if you are not working on a dissertation or grading one. For content writers, a plagiarism checking tool is an essential need.

Let us have a look at the core offerings of this plagiarism checking application.

A detailed plagiarism report generated

Simply knowing whether an article, academic paper or blog is plagiarized or not is insufficient information. If a particular section of the content is copied, the writer should know about it. This tool generates a full scaled plagiarism report. It can also be downloaded in PDF and HTML forms. The purpose of this report is providing a complete insight to the user. For example, if the literature review of a thesis has plagiarism problems, the student should have clarity about it. If the problem area is not identified, you would have to search through each line and extract the plagiarized areas. Hence, writers are able to save precious time by using this tool.

Link to paraphrasing feature

When the plagiarized content areas are identified, they have to be rephrased. This is one of the few tools that redirects the user to the paraphrasing screen. Consider that you have performed a plagiarism check and some part of the content is copied. By clicking the “make it unique” button, you would be redirected to the paraphrasing screen. Once you click the “paraphrase” button, the process of rewriting would start.

  • Paraphrasing is yet another time-consuming task which users have to complete. It is hard to find a plagiarism checker that has an additional paraphrasing option as well. Normally, students use a plagiarism checker and then rewrite the problematic content sections. You do not have to rewrite anything after using this tool. If some part of the content is plagiarized, the paraphrasing option would rewrite it. People working on different writing categories benefit from this. Research writers need plagiarism checking tools so that they do not have to face any penalties. This application would not only detect plagiarism for them but also rephrase the content area which needs rewriting.

Exact phrase match and plagiarism percentage features

  • If you have written an article and figure out that it has plagiarism issues, what other things would you need to know. How much of the content is plagiarized? This is the first thing that pops up in the minds of writers. They need an estimate of the corrections needed. This plagiarism checker gives the exact percentage of plagiarized content. If 40 percentage of the written information has paraphrasing deficiencies, this figure would be shown after the scanning process is completed.

  • At times, exact phrases are detected when the written material is compared with what has already been published online. Through the “exact phrase” match, you can view this detail. It shows the percentage of content that has not been rephrased at all. There is a difference between paraphrasing not being up to the mark and 100% copied content. With the “exact phrase” feature, you can see the percentage of content copied without any changes being made.

Word Count and Readability options

Do you know that readability is a very critical factor for success / failure of written content? Lack of readability gives a negative vibe to the reader and he does not bother about going through the content with interest. If a blog presents some very interesting facts but has readability problems, readers would lose interest and exit before going through the details. The higher the readability percentage, the better would be the response from the readers. Usually, there is lack of readability when the flow of the content is not natural. Keyword stuffing is a major reason due to which the flow is spoilt. With this tool, you can get a basic idea of the response which the readers would give about the written content.

  • What is the word count of the written content? Word limits are very important whether you are working on a term paper, blog or project scope. All forms of writing have a word limit. If you are writing a thesis paper, there will be an individual word limit for each chapter. This tool shows the word count of the content checked. This is a helpful feature because if the word count is less than the minimum or more than the maximum limit, changes can be made by the writer.

The parameters of efficiency and accuracy

Is this tool completely efficient? There are no reliability problems with this tool. Unlike a lot of substandard plagiarism checking soft wares which ignore parts of the content, this checker scans each line.

  • College and university students find this tool quite helpful. They have to use plagiarism checkers on continuous basis. Students are always working on research assignments, essay papers and other similar academic tasks. All of them involve plagiarism checking.  A term paper, dissertation or any other academic assignment cannot be submitted until there is an assurance that the content is original. Once you use this checker and it shows that there are no plagiarism findings, there is no need to recheck anything. 

What kinds of content uploading options are available?

  • The first step for performing a plagiarism check is uploading content. The standard option is selecting the content, copying it and then pasting it in the provided text box. In some cases, this is a cumbersome option. We can take the example of a term paper which has a word length in thousands. Copying so many words is definitely not the easiest of tasks. Is there an alternate uploading option available? The answer to this question is yes.

  • This tool allows content to be uploaded in the form of a file. It supports various commonly used formats including PDF, DOC and TXT. If your content is already saved in one of these formats, the additional task of selecting the content can be ignored. The tool would scan through the uploaded file and determine plagiarized sections. After that, you can advance to the paraphrasing stage and get the content rewritten instantly.

Time factor for plagiarism checking

Slow running tools can prove to be a major problem for any user. A lot of plagiarism checking tools go into a “not responding” mode for an indefinite time span. Some of them take a very long duration to completing the checking process. This time lag can be a problem for writers who do not have a lot of time on their hands. Most people do not have the patience of waiting for the tool response.

  • This plagiarism checker is far better than most other alternatives in terms of time efficiency. Whether you have uploaded content with a word count of 500 or 5000 words, the stage of checking copied content would be concluded in less than a minute. Corporate professionals need to prepare original content for their presentations and reports. They need tools which are 100% efficient and consume optimized time frames. 

  • In order to meet timelines, they cannot afford to opt for slow paced plagiarism checking tools. This tool is one of the finest alternatives for all forms of writing including articles, web content and academic assignments.

    No charges applied for any quality features

    There is no doubt that this plagiarism checker is equipped with some of the best features. For writers, it is nothing less than a blessing. To start with, they do not have to worry at all about facing plagiarism consequences. When you talk about students, they are even rusticated if involved in plagiarism. With this tool, they get a guarantee that the content is not plagiarized and can be submitted. The best thing is that no charges are applied when you are using this checker. You can check as many content pieces as you want without paying any cost. It is quite hard to find a free tool with so many features for checking copied content.


    It is an undoubted fact that plagiarism is a huge issue that impacts academic writing professionals, students and several other users. Manual proofreading is not an effective method even if you can afford the time consumption. This plagiarism checker is the perfect way out for anyone who wishes to submit original content. It actually eliminates all the worries and apprehensions. In an overall manner, it is a must have if you want to produce unique content without tolerating any stress.


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