Nowadays, mutual funds become one of the leading places where people can invest. It can be concluded from the fact that the number of mutual fund investors has sharply increased in the last few years. Although the mutual fund returns can be abruptly affected by market risks, investors are using various MF schemes to get decent returns within a lesser tenure.

Top-notch investment companies and banks of India deal in mutual funds providing the common people with a chance to invest and enjoy the returns. One of the reputed private banks of India, ICICI has several mutual fund schemes where you can invest. Here, you can get a clear idea about the top five reasons for which one can invest in an ICICI mutual fund.

Reasons why you should choose ICICI Mutual Funds

Here are some top reasons why you should choose the ICICI mutual funds. You can go through the following points that can assure you about the conveniences of taking the ICICI MFs.

Mutual fund investments are cost-effective

The ICICI mutual funds are generally huge in terms of investments. Several investors invest in a mutual fund which creates a big pool of funds. Every mutual fund scheme is headed by an asset manager. The processing charges of the services and returns are divided among every investor. Thus, ICICI mutual funds can be termed cost-effective.

Easy investing without a corpus

When investing in an ICICI mutual fund, it would not be necessary for the investors to have a corpus. Thus, investors can easily invest a large amount of money in a single go or may invest it in the form of installments. ICICI mutual funds have an outstanding SIP structure that allows the investors to invest the money in comfortable installments..

Mutual fund investors who do not have high savings can invest reasonable amounts following the SIP terms of the ICICI mutual funds. Simultaneously, people investing in an MF scheme in lump sum amount can enjoy more returns at a time, and SIP investments help in providing long-term returns. 

ICICI mutual funds offer tax benefits

Some ICICI mutual fund schemes offer tax benefits as per the guidelines of the article 80C under the Income Tax Act of India. So, it is very important for the investors to properly search in a scheme that provides such convenience.

In general, the ELSS funds can be the best option for the investors who aim for getting tax benefits on the returns of the mutual fund.

ICICI mutual fund provides lock-in MF schemes

The lock-in MF schemes can be the best for investors who have a tendency to spend all the money they have invested before they incur any return. An investor experiences a restriction on withdrawing the money when investing in a locked-in scheme. 

There are two prominent benefits of the lock-in MF schemes. Firstly, it ensures a reasonable return as the invested amount is not withdrawn. Moreover, you can avail tax benefits on the lock-in MF funds. However, it is not advisable for the investors who need regular returns to invest in the regular MF schemes.

Many options for different investors

ICICI MFs offers several mutual fund schemes to the investors keeping in mind about their unique financial goals. These MF schemes are available in various forms where the risk factors, types of assets, and tenure changes. As an investor, it is crucial for you to know your goal clearly. Moreover, the risk appetite also varies among them.

Thus, a person can invest in the ICICI mutual fund scheme that is designed exclusively for him by the bank. When you choose ICICI MFs to invest, be sure of getting the reasonable returns as there are well-experienced asset managers who will pilot your scheme.

Strategies to elevate the mutual fund returns

There are some effective strategies by which you can ensure getting higher returns against your mutual fund investments with ICICI mutual. Here, some strategies are mentioned in details:

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