Recently, leveraging Huawei Wi-Fi 6, Atria Convergence Technologies (ACT) has built Wi-Fi hotspots designed for high-density environments such as shopping malls, stations, and airports. Enterprises and residents get to enjoy a superior Wi-Fi experience, while the overall operation quality and efficiency of cities improved.

ACT, the largest Internet Service Provider (ISP) in South India, provides services in five states: Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, and Delhi. ACT brings state-of-the-art services, including Fibernet (Internet over fiber optics), digital TV, and High-Definition TV (HDTV) to more than 2 million satisfied customers in the country.

With a vision to become the most admired in-home entertainment, education, and interactive service company in India, ACT strives to create radical social transformation and empower customers.

To achieve this vision, ACT has transformed the way they provide enterprise access and hotspot services, as the company grows its Internet Access Provider (IAP) business. Indeed, Wi-Fi hotspot services have become one of the company's most popular offerings.

The Surge in the Number of Wireless Terminals Is Straining Wi-Fi Networks

ACT plans to develop urban Wi-Fi hotspots featuring comprehensive and outstanding informatization capabilities. By doing so, ACT aims to lay a solid foundation to drive innovation in cities, improving their overall strength and competitiveness.

Against this backdrop, ACT is committed to bringing one-stop information services to governments, enterprises, households, and individuals, while building a high-quality business and living environment for customers. The widespread deployment of Wi-Fi hotspots will play a pivotal role in a city's development, benefiting commercial enterprises, social management, and public services, as well as improving the quality of life for residents.

In India, the rapid development of mobile Internet and the popularity of smart terminals have led to a surge in the number of connected devices at urban centers, such as stations and airports. As such, building outstanding Wi-Fi networks has become a top priority for the company. However, a host of challenges need to be addressed before Wi-Fi can be monetized, such as ensuring high-density access, achieving uninterrupted network access while roaming, and simplifying access authentication.

Huawei Wi-Fi 6 Solution Optimizes Wi-Fi Coverage, Simplifies O&M, and Broadens Business Opportunities

To meet the requirements of densely populated areas, ACT has adopted Huawei's industry-leading Wi-Fi 6 solution. This solution consists of a Wi-Fi network, a network management center, and a platform for operations.

Wi-Fi Network: Access Points (APs) are deployed to build versatile Wi-Fi networks that can handle a wide range of scenarios. With Huawei's advanced network planning and optimization tools integrated in the solution, access experience is assured even in high-density and highly mobile environments.

Network management center: APs distributed across different areas can be centrally managed. The center also offers unified authentication management and policy control over wireless access users, simplifying and securing access to Wi-Fi networks.

Operation Platform: provides a range of Value-Added Services (VASs) through comprehensive and high-quality wireless signal coverage, such as advertisements, direct marketing, and big data analytics, helping ACT improve the business value of their Wi-Fi service.

ACT Contributes to Enterprise and Social Development Without Sacrificing Business Monetization

Leveraging Huawei Wi-Fi 6, ACT built Wi-Fi hotspots designed for high-density environments such as shopping malls, stations, and airports. Enterprises and residents get to enjoy a superior Wi-Fi experience, while the overall operation quality and efficiency of cities improved. In addition, Huawei's solution promotes the monetization of Wi-Fi hotspots and accelerates ACT growth by offering:

Higher business benefits and service quality: Huawei's Wi-Fi 6 solution helps ACT provide ubiquitous Wi-Fi connections for commercial enterprises and residents. Better connectivity encourages residents to in shopping malls and public areas for longer, boosting the development of local enterprises.

Higher development efficiency across industries: Huawei's solution simplifies IT infrastructure for enterprises and sectors such as government, education, and aviation, reducing investment costs for industry customers while enhancing user experience.

Higher public satisfaction: Huawei's solution provides high-speed and stable Internet access, significantly improving the satisfaction for residents and tourists alike.

Excellent Wi-Fi experience: Featuring high bandwidth, low latency, and seamless roaming, users are able to get a world-class Wi-Fi experience. In addition, this solution provides comprehensive user security authentication policies and supports interconnection with third-party authentication and accounting servers, accelerating the monetization of Wi-Fi for ACT.

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