People often forget that the future of their favourite pastime depends on the youth. If the “next generation”, so to speak, does not enjoy or participate in an activity, then it likely won’t survive. So, if you are an avid gambler in the city or someone who enjoys the sport, you may wonder if young people in London enjoy gambling. 

At least, do youths in London enjoy gambling enough that it will continue on? Briefly, we will discuss gambling in London in relation to the newer generations, and why there is no need to fear for the betting game.

The Internet Factor

Though London’s casinos may seem less crowded than before, they are still making plenty of money off of visiting tourists, young and old. Furthermore, just because millennials are not filling up seats in the casino does not mean they don’t gamble. Many London sportsbooks have online wagering sites. Beyond even London, anyone who knows how to use the internet can access sports betting websites like Gclub to participate in the action from their home. 

Online betting websites are consistently used, so it’s safe to say betting itself is not in any danger of disappearing.

The Legal Age

The legal gambling age in London, and the UK, is 18. Even if this means that youth are restricted from gambling until they’re legally adults, this doesn’t mean they’re not eager to try their luck when they become of age. Many young people choose to visit casinos and bars on their 18th birthday to celebrate. Gambling is a still an activity associated with youth and celebration. It may not be popular with everyone, but it has no danger of dying out due to birthdays alone.

London’s Casinos

London’s sportsbooks and casinos are frequented by millennials even now. Those in “generation Z” are still too young to visit anywhere gambling is legal. However many millennials enjoy the retro or vintage feeling that a true casino can bring. Popular locations around London all feel quite classic in their own way. Young people enjoy visiting to get that feeling of the past. While they’re there, of course they’ll participate in a wagering match or two.

A Little of Everything

Younger generations have different tastes than older ones. Luckily, though London’s gambling houses all have a classic spin, there is a little something for everyone all around the city. A 20-something can venture into an older casino, and find an updated slot machine that appeals to their taste. Dealers and players find ways to make even the most tedious-sounding games exciting. 

The appeal of anticipation when it comes to gambling cannot be understated. Younger generations can find thrill in waiting for the cards to fall just as much as any old gentleman. 


London’s gambling scene is alive and well. Just because it is not visible to the eye does not mean it’s not there. Online betting has increased substantially, especially among millennials, but the youths of the city still find their way to London’s most popular casinos every night. From tourists to locals, young people from across the UK will keep the city’s casinos thriving. 

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