Envisioning 50,000+ orders in next 3 months and successfully delivering them, MyToolBag is the first ever hyperlocal delivery marketplace for stationery stores nearby. It enables 24x7 eco-friendly deliveries with scheduled time-slots by customers which eases them with no need of timely order tracking.

Founded in the year 2016 by Saurabh Chavda and Prashant Dodiya during their graduation, MyToolBag started by taking orders through WhatsApp and delivering in just the campus of L.D College of Engineering, Ahmedabad. Seeing the growth in sales, it soon transformed into an e-Commerce website www.mytoolbag.in. Realising the problems and the declining sales of local stores operating in Ahmedabad due to online operations of MyToolBag, they decided to join hands with the stores by onboarding them all and help them fight other online giants offering huge discounts and promises. In January, 2019, launched the Application called MyToolBag which empowers local stationery stores with free technology infrastructure and eco-friendly delivery mechanism by partnering with them and bringing them back into the competition with other online giants. With huge positive response from both customers and partner stores, it plans to launch in 4 new cities within first 5 months of 2020.

MyToolBag App not only connects customers to their favourite local stores directly and enables them to shop anything from anywhere with superfast deliveries, but it also helps them compare prices at different stores and explore an enormous variety of stationery products at their fingertips. The best part is, a customer can choose at what time he/she wants his/her order to be delivered i.e. you can schedule your order as per your convenience. 

Currently MyToolBag operates with 80+ partner stores selling 11,000+ products of various range and brands. It also employs corporate tie-ups, school tie-ups, Govt. dept. tie-up and other facilities having collaborated with various sectors for easy purchasing and eco-friendly deliveries. It also provides customized products be it T-shirts, caps, bags, key chains, mugs, corporate gifts etc. You name it, they customize it. 

With continuous feedbacks and working day and night to make the customers lazy in a much productive way, MTBians (that’s what they call themselves in team) are regularly updating their App with new cool features to shop seamlessly by implementing Machine Learning Algos for smart purchases and AI for eco-friendly deliveries.

It aims to provide this best ever digital but local shopping experience to each and every individual of India and also considers the role of local vendors in the economy by empowering them. With the potential of being a crucial part in making India digital from the very grassroot level, MyToolBag strives super hard with the tagline “SHOP LOCALLY BUT DIGITALLY”.

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