Diwali is the festival of celebration spreading joy, happiness and good wishes for Health & Wealth. But during this phase of period, our best wishes for health comes at stake with the massive attack of pollution in Delhi.

The Post Diwali period of one month is considered as the Red Alert period in Delhi & surrounding areas. At times, it has been observed that the Delhi Government have to forcibly close the schools and colleges to safeguard children’s health. Even Odd and Even scheme is introduced from time to time to control the pollution. This year as well Odd & Even Scheme is scheduled from 4th Nov till 15th Nov 19. All efforts by government and other concern private bodies have been put in to fight with this situation.

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With the goodness of technology, people use Air Purifier in their Homes and Offices. But there is a big gap of any product that could clean the air and make life comfortable in Cars when you are on the move. Keeping this in mind Persapien Innovations, a company promoted by a team of researchers, clinicians, engineers and designers from Stanford University, AIIMS, IIT, and Singapore University have introduced Airlens Car Air Sanitizer, a novel method of air purification in cars in 2 Minutes based on Active Molecular Technology.

[caption id="attachment_137095" align="alignleft" width="300"] Dr Shashi Ranjan, Director of Persapien Innovations[/caption]

"Airlens is not a product, but it is a philosophy, which aims at making air pure and healthy. It is based on Active Molecular Technology, which has the USP of removing all the pollutants from the air but, unlike traditional filters, it does not block the airflow and let the air flow through it seamlessly. It also protects you from Pollen, Germs, Bacteria, PM2.5 etc.” says Dr Shashi Ranjan, Director of Persapien Innovations.

Advising on the need for this product, Dr Shashi said, “according to recent study of WHO, 1 life is lost in Every 23 seconds due to Air Pollution in India. We intake/Breathe 12000 liters of Air every day and if it is not sanitized it does harm your body. Air Pollution Leads to Short term and long term effects in body specially in Children and senior citizen like Heart disease, Lung Cancer, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder, Stroke, Nausea, headache etc."

Briefing further he said, “When one sit inside a car, one feels safe from pollution especially when the air conditioner is ON but in reality the air inside a car is worse than that outside. This is because inside the car's AC systems, there is no technology that filters out PM 2.5, PM 10 and other pollutants from the air. The outside-polluted air keep gushing in and keeps on circulating and concentrating as there is no purification mechanism against these pollutants. Ironically, car always run on roads, which are highly polluted due to traffic jams. Hence a bold attempt was required to solve this problem, which we did with the launch of Airlens in India."

Airlens CAS- Car Air Sanitizer has been designed by Indian scientists according to Indian conditions. It purifies the air inside the car as per WHO standard in less than 2 minutes.

Technically, Airlens is easy to install in any car. It is connected to CAR AC ventilation system & can be hidden somewhere inside the car's dashboard or bonet. So there is no pain of switching on another device, simply just start the AC fan and enjoy fresh Air in your car. It even does not require any extra space inside the car.

Manufactured in India under “Make In India”move, the product is priced at an affordable cost of Rs 999/=. The average life of the product is for six months and there are different models for different car models. The product is available at all leading automobile Workshop & Showroom in Delhi & NCR & online at amazon, Flipkart & airlens.in

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