As the immigration landscape continues to darken in the United States, Canada has taken advantage of these policies to attract skilled entrepreneurs and companies.

The acceptance of the H1B visa in the United States has continued to fall. 3 years ago, these numbers were above 90% for the right candidates. Today, the figures are closer to 50%. Companies will spend an immense amount of money trying to navigate the process in the United States and they will fail. Additionally, the largest resource will be the time they invest into the process.

The founder of a company may have a chance at getting into the states, but they will have tremendous issues bringing over other members of the team. Canada provides a stable solution for a corporation to grow out their western presence. Canada is within an hours flight of the US and on the same time zones. Additionally, Canada is the birthplace of AI. Ai is a foundation in the Canadian educational curriculum. You will have the most prepared talent available to solve the problems of tomorrow.

Additionally, employees in Canada cost over 10% less than they do for the same exact positions in the states. Your talent in Canada will be more prepared and more qualified. Finally, Canada offers some of the most generous tax incentives in the world for companies solving challenging problems.

Canadian Subsidiary Services was launched in 2019. The founding member Zak, was the first employee and VP of Sales at a series A startup in New York which raised over $15MM in financing. Zak saw the complex challenges of scaling an operation in the US when the development team is based overseas. Through the unique lens of understanding the needs of high growth startups, Zak founded Canadian Subsidiary Service as a one stop solution for international companies looking to scale in the west.

On the team there is an immigration attorney, US & Canadian tax and cross border attorney, corporate attorney, accountants, relocation specialists and government consultants. Canadian Subsidiary Services is your one stop solution to Immigrate, Incorporate & Relocate to Canada.

Interested in western exposure? Setup a call with Zak and the team today to see if they can help.

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