Srividya Kannan, Founder of Avaali Solutions, a Bangalore headquartered consulting and technology company, was the recipient of the prestigious ‘Priyadarshini Award’ in an event organized by the FIWE at the India-Afghanistan International Trade and Investment Conference. She was awarded ‘Outstanding Women Entrepreneur’.

Priyadarshini Awards represents the outstanding women entrepreneurs nationally and internationally, who make innovative contributions in their respective field of work. The event was conducted on the completion of 25 years Silver Jubilee celebrations.

FIWE was instituted under the chairmanship of the Chairman of Small Industries Corporation and other common members of MSME, Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI), Department of Women and Child Welfare and a member of the Federation of Indian Women Entrepreneurs.

“Thank you, FIWE for this honor. Women in executive leadership positions are still vastly outnumbered, but one thing is clear - some of the invisible barriers to success are slowly beginning to unravel. Whether it takes strong legislation or the efforts of a growing number of grassroots organizations such as FIWE determined to turn the tide, I am confident that smart, capable women will soon have a shot at leading the corporate world into the future. And while their "mandated" presence may not be welcomed with open arms by some colleagues, strong performance ultimately transcends gender, in the boardroom and elsewhere," said Srividya Kannan on the occasion.

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