With the advancement of technology, people have made many services and products available online. Despite making useful things available 24/7 they also brought their old hobbies online. Sports have been a common way of entertainment in the past and they are still one now. So was betting on sports and with the internet, betting got revolutionized. Many sports-books are available to bettors with just a few clicks and since cricket is one of the many popular sports lots of bookies offer odds online. But which bookies offer the best odds?

The Online Betting Situation

Online betting is legal in most of the world. Cricket is popular in the UK, Australia, the West Indies, Bangladesh, and India. However, the betting situation in India is a bit tricky. Placing bets online isn’t exactly legal, but the police turn a blind eye to it. Betting on land-based sports-books is prohibited and those who participate in illegal betting get severe consequences. So most citizens turn to online cricket betting in India  (example website), whereas other countries can place bets online and offline without a problem.


Are Online Sportsbooks Better?

It’s a fact that your personal information can be misused online and that goes double for online bookies. Any site that deals with transactions must have special layers of protection to defend their users from identity theft and other types of cyberattacks. This is one of the reasons why online casinos and betting sites have emphasized security by implementing SSL encryptions and identity checks with every withdrawal.

On the other hand, land-based sports-books don’t have the problem of cyber crime. If you win a bet you turn in your ticket and you receive your reward. If you lose your bet you throw the ticket away and try again. There’s a certain simplicity to betting on cricket in an offline sports-book which is why to this day people still visit them. But what about the odds?

About the Odds

The thing with cricket is that it doesn’t matter if you bet online or offline, the odds are pretty much the same. What makes online sports-books different is the fact that they find new ways to entice players into placing bets on their sites. This is why they appear more popular. With promotions like free bets, anyone would place a bet on a cricket match if it means they have a chance of winning money without having to risk theirs.

What bettors can do to increase their chance of winning is visit sites that offer advice on how to place bets, which factors to watch out for etc. Many cricket websites offer their services and some of the online sports-books have an advisory section as well, so it’s up to bettors which advice they choose.

A Final Word

There’s no big difference between placing bets on cricket matches online or offline. You might run into a better odd online once in a while, but the odds are generally the same. It’s up to you to choose your bookie and at which sports-book you bet.

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