Of late, Drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) have already started to play a crucial role in performing inspections of solar panels as well as wind turbine blades. Solar Panels or Wind Turbines installed at high vertical heights has found Drones/UAVs as an efficient, safer, and less-expensive alternative to traditional thermographic inspections of solar fields and wind farms.

Companies across the globe are now increasingly looking at drones, or unmanned aircraft systems (UASs) to perform inspections or clean the surface of solar panels.

Going in line with this opportunity, India's largest IT firm, Tata Consultancy Servics (TCS), is also developing software capability for Drones/ UAVs that can potentially be used to fix problems in windmills or solar farms in mostly inaccessible terrain.

According to an Economic Times report, has filed for a patent in India for the software, which will help UVs in providing services to customers using bots.

As per the patent filing, which ET claims to have reviewed, the unmanned vehicle will be used to track the bots until they return after completing the assigned tasks, with help from a software and data processing module aboard the vehicle. TCS could deploy the patent-pending software in drones for customers in its main markets.

It was in May 2017, when TCS has opened its first Drones Research Lab in the US at its Seven Hills Park Innovation Center located in Cincinnati, OH, to address the rapidly expanding demand for UAVs and business solutions across industries.

[caption id="attachment_136133" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]TCS Drone REsearch Lab TCS Drones Research Lab in Cincinnati, Ohio
(Image - tcs.com)[/caption]

The drone lab applies advanced computer vision, machine learning and deep learning algorithms to process the images captured by drones. Indian IT services firms are building capability to deliver services using drones due to growing demand from customers globally in infrastructure, agriculture and defence.

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