Healofy is on a mission to fulfill the content gap across vernacular languages and help Indian women in different stages of their lives.

Healofy, India’s largest and fastest growing women’s social network has launched 7 Indian regional languages - Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam on its platform. Prior to this, Healofy was available in English and Hindi. Today, more than 61% of users on the app are regional language users and after Hindi, the top 3 regional languages with the most active userbases are Marathi, Malayalam and Bengali.

According to the "Toward Gender Equity Online: Research with the Next Billion Users" report by Google India, “women are reluctant to network online on social platforms due to the fear of harassment and lack of a safe community”. Healofy’s mission is to create a vernacular social network exclusively for Indian women to feel informed, safe and empowered, allowing them to consume, connect and transact in a trusted space.

The average ‘Indian internet consumer’ prefers content in their native language. Today, in India, 9 out of 10 new smartphone users look for credible and relatable regional language content. Additionally, women often struggle to find relevant content and supportive communities online, and Healofy is addressing this by offering vernacular content on various topics of women’s interests such as pregnancy, parenting, food, fashion, beauty, lifestyle and others in 9 languages - English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam. Healofy also ensures that the content is culturally and regionally contextual, for maximum relatability with users.

Healofy’s interface is highly user-friendly, with every feature being available in regional languages. Healofy has disrupted the traditional peer-to-peer interaction experience by introducing a chat transliteration feature which allows any user to type regional words using English characters, which the app converts on the fly into the regional script.

“It has been an incredible journey for us over the last three years. We are creating significant impact by empowering women and providing them with a safe community in which to connect, share, and learn in the language they are most comfortable in. Our growth rate in vernacular has been 4 times faster than that of English and this itself is a great validation of the huge need for a vernacular women’s social network”, said Gaurav Aggarwal, CEO and Co-Founder of Healofy. 

Healofy aims to empower women by enabling them to not just consume but also create their own content, and showcase their skill sets. They can connect and influence other like-minded women based on similar language, location, stage of life, as well as interests such as earning from home, learning different skill sets, fashion, fitness, lifestyle, etc.

[caption id="attachment_136231" align="aligncenter" width="700"] Gaurav Aggarwal - CEO and Co-founder of Healofy[/caption]

Further on, Healofy envisions to help women attain financial independence by helping them earn from home via network e-commerce. By allowing women to form meaningful connections and relationships with other women in the Healofy community, the aim is to replicate the offline experience of networking and ‘shopping together’ in the online world.

With 2 million+ app downloads, Healofy has successfully created a strong community of over 500,000 Daily Active Users (DAUs) and 1 million Monthly Active Users (MAUs) on their Android app exhibiting strong engagement and retention. The platform also sees 1.5 million+ monthly website visits.

Healofy till date has raised $9.5M in funding from Omidyar, BabyTree Group (01761.HK, China’s Largest Parenting Platform, a Public company), BAce Capital - a fund backed by Alibaba’s Ant Financial Services Group, and angel investors.

About Healofy

Healofy is growing into India’s largest social network exclusively for women, addressing the growing need for credible and relatable content for Indian women. Healofy was founded in September 2016 by Forbes 30-Under-30 awardees Gaurav Aggarwal and Shubham Maheshwari, alumni of IIT Guwahati and NIT Warangal respectively. Initially focused on women’s critical-health content like conception, pregnancy and post-pregnancy care, the app has since become the leading social network for women in India which aims to create an online community where Indian women can feel informed, safe and empowered, allowing them to connect consume, connect and transact in a trusted space.


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