Life Skills Olympiad- an opportunity for students to become the leader of tomorrow. It is the World’s 1st online Olympiad on critical life skills. The Olympiad is conducted by a Singapore based Skillizen Olympiad foundation.  The company operates International Life Skill Olympiad worldwide. This global test is specifically designed for school children (including home-schooled ones) from Class III to XII. The registration process has already begun.

The primary vision behind holding the Life Skills Olympiad, as explained by Mr. Sidharth Tripathy (Chief Convener of Skillizen Olympiad Foundation), is to prepare young children for real-world challenges.

How to register

Registration is required online ( with full details. There is no provision for enrollment in school itself. Interested students can do so directly. Also, parents can register their children's names. The test fee is $ 7.99 (Rs. 490).

Application Deadline:  November 30th 2019 Exam date: 14th & 15th December, 2019

  • The results will be posted on the website and will be informed my mail

Students across the globe from class III to Grade XII can participate. The exam will be conducted online. There are 4 different Groups -

Group 1 - [Grade III-IV-V], Group 2 - [Grade VI-VII-VIII], Group 3 - [Grade IX-X], Group 4 - [Grade XI-XII]

Preparedness: The ILSO website contains the syllabus and Life Skills Guide and practice questions and mock tests specific grade-group the Olympiad. These are only available to those who have completed the registration process.

Awards for winners and participants

Top rankers from each group win Tickets to visit Harvard University! The runner ups from all the 4 groups will get prizes such as iPads and Kindles. What's more, all participants across the world will be receiving digital certificates and prizes worth $9.99 from our sponsors and partners.

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