Carer, India’s first integrative oncology startup that provides personalized cancer care to patients, has partnered with Fortis Hospital, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore to provide an integrative approach to treating cancer.

Integrative Oncology is the use of non-clinical therapies along with conventional forms of cancer treatment to improve the effectiveness of treatment and patient outcomes. Through this partnership, Carer will deliver non-clinical therapies like physical rehabilitation, psychological intervention, and nutrition management to help cancer patients manage their disease better.

The Carer Protocol will be delivered to Fortis patients at home from the time of diagnosis and continue throughout treatment and post-treatment. As a part of the partnership, Carer will work closely with doctors, consultants and non-clinical departments at Fortis to provide holistic and therapeutic interventions to patients at home.

Commenting on the tie-up, Samara Mahindra, CEO & Founder of Carer said “This partnership with Fortis enables us to reach out to a wider and concentrated group of patients and caregivers who are looking for a holistic approach to treating cancer. When a reputed hospital chain like Fortis advocates a patient-centric approach in treating cancer,  it creates a paradigm shift in the field of cancer care. This tie-up further strengthens our effort in making integrative cancer care as a part of mainstream treatment."

Speaking about the partnership, Dr. Manish Mattoo, Zonal Director, Fortis Hospitals, Bangalore “The Carer protocol has the potential to add great value in the recovery of a cancer patient. Today, a number of cancer cases are predominantly lifestyle-related.  Integrated cancer care synchronises medical treatment with lifestyle management by treating the condition with allopathy complemented by nutrition therapy, yoga, movement, and mental wellbeing. Carer’s holistic approach will help in the successful and effective integration of conventional treatment and lifestyle management in treating cancer patients"

Currently, Carer has tied up with 7 major hospital groups in South India. In the next one year, Carer plans to partner with 10+ hospitals across India.

About Carer

Carer is India’s first integrative oncology startup that provides personalized cancer care to patients.  Started by Samara Mahindra in 2018, Carer provides integrative therapy and treatment to help patients heal better, feel better and live better during and after cancer treatment.

Unlike in the west, cancer treatment in India focuses on medication alone, ignoring lifestyle changes that could prevent  relapse. This stems from lack of awareness of integrative oncology that looks beyond medication and focuses on nutrition, yoga, meditation and physiological interventions that improve patient outcomes and relieve side effects of standard treatments. Carer’s integrative therapy and treatment are based on globally recognised non-clinical therapies originally created and established by top cancer hospitals like Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre and MD Anderson.

The Carer Protocol focuses on three primary aspects of the patient’s condition – ensure decrease in side effects, manage the treatment better, improve immunity and quality of life. It is recommended to patients during their treatment phase and continues till recovery and remission. The program goes along with the treatment regimen and is recommended at the diagnosis stage. However, regardless of the stage at which the protocol has begun, results show substantial improvement in the patient - even those that are terminally ill.


About Fortis Healthcare Limited   

Fortis Healthcare Limited is a leading integrated healthcare delivery service provider in India. The healthcare verticals of the company primarily comprise hospitals, diagnostics and daycare specialty facilities. Currently, the company operates its healthcare delivery services in India, Dubai and Sri Lanka with 43 healthcare facilities (including projects under development), approximately 9,000 potential beds and over 400 diagnostics centres.

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