Having a GPS tracker in India has become a necessity in your car. With deteriorating road conditions and growing threats on the roads, you are always concerned about the safety of your loved ones. That’s not all; you are continuously worried about the well-being of your vehicle as well.

There are various stressors that you come across as a car owner, some of these are due to your chauffeur, teenager or wife behind the wheel. You are always at the edge of your seat, worried sick about your loved ones on the road. To put these worries at bay, you need to install the best GPS tracker in India in your vehicle.

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When it comes to installing a car security device in your car, you are bound to get lost amongst the plethora of GPS car trackers in India. With so many options available, it becomes essential that you choose the best for your car. In modern times, modern problems have emerged on roads for car owners. In the circumstances like these, it becomes essential that you find a GPS device that is technologically advanced to tackle all your modern-day needs efficiently. One such device that has more features than you can imagine is KENT CamEye!

This device has been made keeping in mind the needs of Indian car owners as a priority. KENT CamEye provides its users with a promise of 360-degree complete security. Here are a few features of this device that will blow your mind away and prove that it is the best GPS car tracker in India that provides complete car security solution.

A User-Friendly Device 

KENT CamEye can easily be ordered from Amazon India website, straight to your doorsteps. That’s not all; the device is easy to install without any assistance. The device is provided with a comprehensive guide that is easy to follow and will help you successfully install the device.

Can be Used from Anywhere

The KENT CamEye app can be installed from the Play Store or the App Store, and it has been designed in a way that makes it user-friendly and easy to use. With the help of the app on your mobile, you can use the features of this device from any part of the globe. This helps you make sure that your vehicle and family are safe even when you are away.

Smart AI Alerts for Smart Users

KENT CamEye is a smart device that sends AI-based smart alerts in the form of notifications on your mobile. Here are some of the notifications that you will receive on your phone from time to time:

  • Track unknown driver in your car with face recognition feature

  • Know when the engine is turned on or has been left ideal for a long time

  • Tell when the AC switches on

  • Monitor the speed limit

  • Set a geofence and be notified when the boundary is breached

Undisrupted Communication  

With KENT CamEye, you can communicate with the driver and the occupants of the car with ease. The device has an in-built mic and speaker that enable smooth back and forth communication. This feature comes handy when you want to rectify your driver’s behaviour or contact your family member in case of a breakdown.

GPS Live streaming

In most GPS trackers in India, you can only view the footage of the road. However, KENT CamEye captures the image of both inside and outside the car. That’s not all, you can also view your GPS location with a live streaming video feature that enables you to make sure that the vehicle is on its route.

KENT CamEye – 360-degree Security Ensured!

You’d think that these all the features that KENT CamEye possesses; however, that’s not true! The device has many other amazing features like cloud backup, device tampering alert, battery backup, temperature sensor, route playback, noise level alert, and so much more. These features ensure that you, your family and your car receive the complete security solution with KENT CamEye.

You can also book a free trial where a company representative will guide you through the functioning and features of KENT CamEye in your vehicle! Don’t wait to secure your family’s commute any longer, install KENT CamEye in your vehicle now!
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