Having launched the 'Peace of Mind' campaign, ŠKODA INDIA, in its characteristic path breaking manner now takes this ahead with yet another innovative, unique automotive digital experiment. Conceptualised by Liquid-India, ŠKODA INDIA introduces an international concept that is creating waves worldwide -- ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response), partnering with PHD India's content arm, also roping in India's largest auto content brand PowerDrift.

ASMR is a response by the human brain that triggers a calm tingling sensation that begins on the scalp and moves down the viewer's spine when the stimuli is certain sounds and their design. ASMR is the technical term for what some call head or 'brain orgasms, or ‘brain tingles'.

[caption id="attachment_134184" align="aligncenter" width="700"] An illustration of the route of ASMR's tingling sensation
Image by Emma L. Barratt, Nick J. Davis https://peerj.com/about/FAQ/[/caption]

ASMR videos are the biggest YouTube trend today, with most global companies making it an integral part of their digital content. ŠKODA INDIA presents a series of videos based on ASMR, so powerful that every viewer who engages with the film will actually get goosebumps, thinking that there is something happening around them.

When asked about how the idea came about, Satish Ramchandran, Sr. Vice President of the Digital Agency, Liquid-India, exclaims, "We always try to push the envelope with our 'Digital First' campaigns for ŠKODA INDIA. ASMR content is truly digital and has shown tremendous engagement globally, we are thrilled to see how it's received by digital India."

"In ŠKODA INDIA's case this is a natural extension of the 'Peace of Mind' campaign as that is precisely what ASMR does - gentle sounds almost like a whisper that calms, soothes and relaxes the viewer, exactly the product promise of ŠKODA cars. The tingling in our head began as soon as we heard the idea. We are extremely excited to introduce the ASMR concept," said Tarun Jha, Head of Marketing, ŠKODA India.ŠKODA INDIA's Media Agency, PHD India, Jyoti Bansal, CEO, said, "PHD has always lived their challenger DNA with their client partners. The work for SKODA India personifies this as we create another dimension to further build the brand personality. Working out the right partnership and ensuring that the idea is brought to life in a flawless manner is very important. We are literally living true to what PHD was born with - putting our brands in the same place each time - our consumers' minds."Co-founder and CEO at PowerDrift, Rohan Albal, at PowerDrift excitedly says, "Four such ASMR films, never seen or heard before in the Indian Auto landscape, will be out in a short span of time. We urge everyone to hear the films with their headphones on. This is an experiment that really works and you will be amazed at what happens when your ASMR is triggered."

Tune in to PowerDrift's YouTube Channel to experience it.


~ Information added in feed sources via PTI

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