MUMBAI, Aug. 22, 2019 - Wefast via its parent company Dostavista, the leading crowdsourced same-day delivery service operating globally, has raised $15M in a Series B funding round led by Vostok New Ventures, as well as other existing investors Flashpoint and Addventure. Founded in 2016, Wefast, as a part of Dostavista will use the funding to continue to focus on product, new bold experiments, more aggressive marketing and sales, and strengthening their global team to make it all happen.

Wefast as a part of Dostavista's success will help promote same-day delivery as a dominant delivery option, as the company's annual GMV run rate is currently approaching the $100 million milestone. Dostavista employs almost 400 people with offices and operations in 11 countries including Brazil, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, the Philippines, Russia, Thailand, Turkey and Vietnam. The company deploys over one million registered couriers globally and its customers range from individuals to Fortune 500 organizations.

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All customers need to do is request a delivery on the Wefast website or via the mobile app and a trusted courier will pick up and deliver the requested item in less than 90 minutes. It looks simple, but behind the scenes Wefast applies its highly advanced algorithms to enable affordable, fast, precise delivery for the mass market. Customers enjoy tremendous convenience, while sellers have the advantage of shipping products in extremely short time, via any route, transport, weight or size. Couriers can even collect the cash payment for these sellers. Overall, the service offers a drastically better experience for all parties involved at a competitive price.

"These days it's possible to order food to your house in a half-hour, taxi in minutes, but unless you're an Amazon Prime member, your options for affordable, same-day delivery of goods are very limited," says Mike Alexandrovski, founder of Dostavista. "That's a problem and one we intend to solve."

"We are very happy to be investors in Dostavista which embodies a beautiful mix of a strong proven entrepreneur, a great team, and a great tech producing a world class product into the truly huge global market of last mile delivery," says Per Brilioth, Managing Director of Vostok New Ventures.

Dostavista was founded by Mike Alexandrovski, who wanted to create a mobile game where people could pick up virtual items and carry them across the city for some reward. Long before launching the game, he realized that he had no idea how to monetize it. So, he took a bold plunge and pivoted toward letting people deliver real packages. That's how Dostavista's crowdsourced same-day delivery service was born.

"Over the years we observed how our on-demand delivery changes people's habits and frees up time for better things in life, creates new business opportunities and provides employment to hundreds of thousands of people. We are already the market leader by number of countries of operation and we are preparing our technology, operations, and sales for exponential growth ahead," continues Alexandrovski.

Wefast is a part of, which is the global crowdsourced same-day delivery service. Wefast enables delivery in 90 minutes or precisely on time, via any route, any transport, any weight or size, for a competitive price. Their algorithms optimize numerous parallel deliveries taking into account the geographical routes, packages' contents, couriers and many others to ensure the feasibility of the same-day delivery. The services are available in 11 countries and are used by customers ranging from individuals to Fortune 500 companies. For more information please visit and


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