Popshot, the world’s first ever interactive browser built for smartphones, launches in India. Popshot is a smart app that changes the way people explore, share, and save the web through a first-of-its-kind interactive screenshot feature. This promises to redefine the users’ digital capabilities in exploring, bookmarking and sharing content by making it more visual, organized and direct. Unlike traditional browsers, Popshot has been designed to accelerate exploring through data-saving capabilities, offering users the best in-browsing experience. Popshot is now available to Android and iOS users worldwide and aims at improving personalisation and discoverability of content for the ever-growing digital community through a host of smart & interactive features.

Customized for India, Popshot promises to introduce a new benchmark to the browsing experience especially when browsers on smartphones have seen no significant innovation since its inception. Understanding India’s vast low-end phone market, Popshot has been designed as a lite app, accessible on over 10,0000 phone models with a minimum specification requirement of 1GB of RAM and above. To India’s trend in capturing and sharing screenshots, Popshot consumes significantly lesser storage by replacing boring static full resolution screengrabs with compressed interactive screenshots.

Developed as a lite and faster alternative to traditional browsers, Popshot introduces users the ability to customize their own digital playground for instant access to saved and new content, encouraging a whole new movement for users to live in the now. To maximize engagement, the user interface has been designed across 3 key in-app tabs of Friends | Personal | Explore. The Explore is the primary landing page, where users can not only browse, but also create customizable ‘popshots’ to share with their contacts or save it for themselves. In the Personal section, users can access all their saved ‘popshots’ such as the most frequented webpages, favourite product shots, videos, interesting content pages, etc. and gain direct instant access to them through the interactive screenshots deep linking feature. This ensures users don’t lose track of their pages or progress when browsing online. What’s more, is that all this content is inside the app, without occupying memory in the phone gallery, allowing users to save as many ‘popshots’ as they like. Lastly, the Friends section is a place where content shared or received from friends resides in an effectively indexed manner and is ready to be accessed through smart search around a contact’s name, website, and keywords.

On the launch of the app, Marc Miance, CEO, Popshot, commented, “We say - Save the Web - because first of all, Popshot literally does that. But, more importantly, we think the future of the Web is through our smartphones. We want the digital world to live up to its original promise, granting people the ability to mine the web’s rich seams of information and entertainment and capture its wealth. We also want to make the digital genuinely social, removing the technical constraints that prevent people from sharing in a meaningful way. A breakthrough was necessary.”

Anish Mulani, India CEO, Popshot, exclaimed his excitement on the launch of the app in India, “Today, we live in an extremely fast-paced world where consumers are always on-the-go and looking for digital content or solutions to enhance their daily social experiences at the tap of a button. With an ever-increasing number of smartphone users in India, millennials are constantly searching for connectivity to make everyday choices – what to watch, where to travel next, how to learn a new skill, etc. In the digital domain, where we are all explorers first, Popshot is positioned to feature as the future of browsers which will enable users to bring their digital world together, through a faster and more innovative browsing experience – essentially making the smartphone into a smarter phone.’’

Browsers are the gateway to digital domain and Popshot is looking at expanding the use of browsers by making it more engaging and interactive for current and newer generations of digital explorers and social media creators. Through the industry-pioneering technology of interactive deep-linked screenshots, Popshot is setting a new experiential benchmark in empowering users to elevate their digital journeys and becoming global content curators in a mobile-first world.

Start exploring today: https://get.popshot.app/PR
User reference video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bdkTSWqDDcg&t=5s
Reference images: https://we.tl/t-OO2xkaREUn

About Popshot

Powered by a vision to encourage creative global connectivity, today, Popshot is the world’s first socially interactive browser and made in India and France. Officially starting their community journey in India in 2018, Popshot has been focused in its constant pursuit to develop an innovative social platform that aims to enhance global communication by encouraging freedom of exploration, expression, and discovery, with a mission to enhance user’s daily digital experience. Popshot enables users to easily browse, save, and share the web with friends and family, all over the world, through optimized navigation and creative social sharing features. Popshot made its official public debut at the World Blogger Awards 2019 as a key partner of the event, reiterating their commitment in powering and supporting new-age digital storytelling.

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