Ordnance Factory Dehradun, manufacturers of state-of-the-art Day and Night Vision Devices will launch its world class devices at International Police Expo 2019, country’s largest exhibition and platform for security equipment and technology.

This year more than 100 national and international organisations from over 25 countries are going to participate in the International Police Expo 2019. They will be displaying their latest innovations in defence homeland security, police & civil defense, arms and ammunition, non-lethal ammunition, rugged solutions for tough terrains and a host of other disruptive technologies. The transformation of crimes have evolved over the period of time, demanding for modern technologies such as latest firearms, cyber-crime control/investigation, Forensic Investigation, facial recognition, augmented identity etc which are going to be intrinsic part of the expo. Emergency, rescue and disaster management has also become a top priority of every nation paving the way for state of art equipment’s and devices such as remote-controlled emergency and rescue devices, early warning systems for earthquakes/disaster and a lot more.

Among other pioneering organisations, the Ordnance Factory Dehradun (OFD) will exhibit their latest excellence in night vision equipment used for arms. Night Vision Equipment has been one of the top items in the wish list of Indian Defence Forces and can make a significant difference in combat and surveillance capabilities of Indian armed forces. OFD would be showcasing its new Rifle mounted night vision devices, Machine Gun mounted devices, Night vision Goggles, Night vision Binoculars, Night vision Monoculars, etc. Good quality night vision equipment and laser illumination technologies especially give advantages in surgical strike situations and Laser illumination: for fully dark condition for recognition up to 125 meters is a unique feature, allows the user to be more lethal and safer at the same time.

OFD has grown leaps and bounds in fulfilling the long-cherished aspirations of the Indian armed forces to achieve excellence in optical instruments. High precision mechanical components and optical equipment are designed and manufactured to suit the special requirements of defence forces, para-military forces, etc.

India’s surgical strike has given a clear message to the world that India will not tolerate terrorist forces. In this context world class firearms, drones, night vision devices, technical surveillance, rugged solutions for tough terrains will be displayed at the exhibition. The expo will also exhibit innovations in the field of bomb suits, bullet proof tyres, body armors, training systems, border control, detectors to identify bombers, weapon control system, remote ground sensors, radio/satcom/telecom/wireless solutions, access control, fire- fighting, tactical gears, drug detection devices to name a few.

Highlighting the key attractions, VK Bansal, Organiser, International Police Expo said, “There is a dire need to develop an advanced, efficient and cost-effective security system which can potentially deal with the fast changing threat profile of the 21st century. We are confident that Ordnance Factory Dehradun & latest innovation will be a key attraction at the expo and will strengthen our armed forces. In a short span of time, International Police Expo has gained the recognition and popularity in the Police, CAPFs, safety and security industry for its ability to detect new trends and respond to latest innovations.”, he further added. International Police Expo 2019 will host various popular exhibitions and conferences on Homeland Security, CCTV, Drones, Geospatial etc. along with prestigious Police Excellence Awards and Annual Police Conference.

The expo will also host a one day International Conference on “Challenges to strengthen Security and Peace”. Eminent researchers, security
experts, police veterans, technology developers, Senior Police Officers of State and Union Territories and International Police will discuss the challenges of internal security and other related issues like Cyber Security, Augmented Identity, Drones Technology, Safety and Rescue, Forensics, Communication and Transmission Systems, Ballistic Protection etc.

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