Taking country’s Police, Civil defense and Homeland Security to newer heights with modernised equipment’s and advance technologies, International Police Expo 2019 received immense response from civilians and armed forces. 

Leading manufacturers and technology players from Singapore, Israel, Korea, Taiwan, China, UK, USA, Malaysia, Germany, Australia, Poland and other nations displayed the best and advance technologies in safety and security. The expo was organised by Nexgen Exhibitions, Asia’s leading and established trade fair, exhibition and conference organizer.

The next generation Bomb Suit from Rotax Electronics Pvt. Ltd. for India’s Bomb Detection and Disposal squads

Our Bomb Detection and Disposal squads are always on high risk and their mission demands for modernized equipment’s and state of the art technologies for their as well as public safety. EOD 10 is engineered to provide best-in-class balanced protection and support to bomb technicians against the threats of an explosive blast such as Overpressure, Fragmentation, Impact and Heat. The EOD 10 is the first bomb suit to integrate multiple digital technologies at a system level to assist a user. They help the operator control functions, interact with their surrounding environment, communicate, perform their render safe procedures, configure their system and reduce risk. Allowing Bomb squads to perform their best during tense situation, the unique design of EOD 10 reduces fatigue, improve comfort, increases situational awareness, provides upper body ventilation and adds new capabilities. A built-in Voice Command System allows the bomb disposal teams to control the helmet and suit’s many electronically activated features while using their hands to carry tools or use hook & line. This helps complete the mission more efficiently during manual tasks.

Lightest women-friendly concealed carry pistol Glock 42 now in India

India will have some of the most sophisticated firearms ever manufactured. Glock pistols are made to give confidence to the individual who carries, be it military personnel, law enforcement units or civilians - to perform their duties, their daily routine jobs and get back home safe to their families. Glock 42 is for the Indian commercial market, civilian arms license holders both state and national license all India permit. It is the world’s smallest, functional military-grade pistol. It has 0.380 calibre which is a nonprohibited bore as per the Indian Arms Act. It comes with 6+ one round magazine capacity and can be increased as per the requirement. It is the lightest and the women-friendly pistol which is even as small as the size of the mobile phone and women can carry it in their clutches and wallets.

Chilli Grenades by DRL Tejpur - DRDO 

With increasing cases of mob lynching in the country, DRDO has developed and tested Chilli Grenades made from Naga Chilly. The Chilli Grenade is now ready for commercialisation after being tested by various departments of Indian armed forces across the country. Chilli Bomb has been approved for use as a Non-Lethal Mob Dispersal Agent and maintaining law and order. Chilli Grenade has proved to be much more advanced and effective Non-Lethal Mob Dispersal Agent than the currently used Tear Gas Bombs which is a very crude method of dispersal. This is the first time that India has developed an alternative of Tear Gas from naturally procured-locally available source like Chilli. Tear Gas has known to affect the eyes and the respiratory system but Chilli Grenades affect only the eyes to decapacitate an aggressive mob without having suffocating the respiratory system. It does not harm the health of law enforcement personnel who might have to use it multiple times. While Tear Bombs might become ineffective humid conditions, Chilly Grenade’s effect is unaffected by humidity. Chilli Grenades are being successfully used by Rajasthan Police, Bihar Police, Manipur Police and Central Forces in India.      

India’s first Lightest and indigenous Bullet Proof Jacket ‘Bhabha Kavach’ from Ordnance Factory Board gets nod from MHA

India’s Lightest Bullet Proof Jacket ‘Bhabha Kavach’ from Ordnance Factory Board was launched at the International Police Expo 2019. Developed by Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) this state-of-the-art jacket can withstand 7.62mm hard steel core or bullets fired from an AK-47 rifle, 5.56mm INSAS bullet and even the recently decommissioned 7.65mm bullet of self-loading rifle (SLR). It is half KG lesser than the prescribed weight of MHA along with the 360 Degree Protection. It is protection level of NIJ III+. The actual weight of the jacket usually is 10 kg that Bhabha Kavach only weighs 9.2kg. This is a major breakthrough for the Indian armed forces.

India’s first ever Smart Biometric Access Controlled Holster to stop gun related accidents

Statistics suggest there are more than 2000 deaths in India every year due to Gun related accidents. Sri Hans Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd. is an MSME from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, working extensively to come up with path-breaking innovative solutions for Gun Safety & Gun Control in India. ‘KAVACH’ is India’s first Smart Biometric Access Controlled Holster and the smartest technology available for securing the small arm weapon. It works on fingerprint technology that allows access to the weapon only to the authorized user, no other user will be able to fire the weapon. KAVACH’s Smart Grip also has Artificial Intelligence enabled Chip for firearms. This Chip will act as a black box of weapons and will record each shot fired from the weapon including the date stamping, time stamping & location stamping (optional). Sri Hans Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd. are also in a position to come out with multifarious solutions for the Armed Forces, Para-military Forces, Central Armed Police Forces (CAPFs), State Police Forces and other uses of small arms & ammunition. They also offer Ammunition Inventory Management System and Weapon Inventory Management System. All the products are being developed and manufactured in the Defense Corridor in Kanpur.

More than 100 national and international organisations from across 25 countries including top brands such as GLOCK Pistols, IDEMIA, Foster+ Freeman, Röder HTS Höcker GmbH, Systools, Third Eye, Cellebrite, Matrix, Foundation Futuristic, Bodycam, Third Wave, Counter Measures Technology, Manit Group, Ansari Precision, Kamal Nayan, Deccaleap Technologies LLP, Cornerstone B displayed their latest innovations in defence & homeland security, police & civil defense,  arms and ammunition, non-lethal ammunition, rugged solutions for tough terrains and a host of other disruptive technologies.

The expo was organised by Nexgen Exhibitions, Asia’s leading and established trade fair, exhibition and conference organizer.


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