Buzzoka, India’s most disruptive influencer marketing platform has announced the launch of its new service, Social Media Crisis Management. With this, the 2-years old startup will assist companies in managing social media disasters through influencers. Buzzoka, which works with over 150 top tier brands, strives to take this service within the brand’s ORM (Online Reputation Management) needs.

Social media today is the top communication channel and significant buzz shows up on it. When brands enjoy the spotlight with numerous conversations floating about them on social media, the flip side to this can be destructive for them too. Buzzoka is one of the early players to understand the need for Social Media Crisis Management so that organizations can continue enjoying digital appreciations.

Commenting on the same, Mr. Ashutosh Harbola, CEO & Co-founder, Buzzoka, says, “We are constantly working towards making social media a happy place for our clients. In the recent past, we have seen plenty of cases where a message led to a reputation crisis for brands in no time. Buzzoka understands the significance of the quality of viral content on the internet and ensures transforming negative conversations into reassuring and optimistic content through. In many cases, we have seen negative news being floated by competition brands and we at Buzzoka are equipped to cater to it.”

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. are an important information source to oversee the way news spreads. Due to the real-time nature of social media, audiences and stakeholders immediately turn to it in times of crisis. If not taken seriously, social media can directly impact the goodwill of the company. For many brands, social media is a go-to-platform to connect with their audience; therefore, all the discussions running on these digital platforms are important in positioning the brand.

"Over 150 brands spanning across different verticals have gained an unparalleled amount of reach to their target customers through Buzzoka and we are committed to grant our true support as a partner", adds Harbola.

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