The Maharashtra State Co-operative Banks’ Association (MSCBA) has joined hands with Mumbai-based cyber security startup Sequretek, a leader in providing AI powered security products and services to announce a comprehensive enterprise cyber security program for co-operative banks in Maharashtra. This is a first of its kind initiative anywhere in the country that will offer option, to all the 400-member co-operative banks of MSCBA, to avail state of the art 24x7 cyber security operations, compliant as per RBI guidelines.

Sequretek is a Mumbai Headquartered and India’s leading Cyber Security Products and Technology Company, led by two industry experienced executives, Mr. Pankit Desai and Mr. Anand Naik. Sequretek is the only company in India to have its own Intellectual Property in the areas of Device Protection, User Behaviour and Enterprise Protection.

Sequretek’s aim is to simplify security and provide enterprise leaders peace of mind while managing their organizational assets and brand. A key tenet of Sequretek’s approach is enhanced visibility into the enterprise. The company works with 120 plus customers across the globe and has recently Sequretek raised close to $4 million in 2018 as Pre-Series A from Unicorn India Ventures and GVFL.

This initiative was inaugurated by Honorable Shri Ravindra Chavan, minister of state for Information Technology, Ports, Medical Education, Consumer Protection, Food and Civil Supplies and Shri Satish Soni, Commissioner for Co-operation and Registrar of Co-operative Societies, in presence of board members of MSCBA and leaders of over 100 co-operative banks. Through this initiative Sequretek will remotely monitor and respond to security threats that could potentially disrupt the co-operative banks IT infrastructure and in the process not only impact their brand reputation but also lead to financial loss. Sequretek and MSCBA will work jointly to train over 1,000 bank professionals in cyber security to manage threats on sites within the member banks, as well as build a cyber aware community.

[caption id="attachment_132326" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Pankit Desai, Co-Founder,CEO, Sequretek, Mrs. Swati Pande, CEO of MSCBA, Mrs. Supriya Patil, Chairman, MSCBA; Mr. Vasantrao Ghuikhedkar, Vice -Chairman, MSCBA; Mr. Satish Soni, co-operative Commissioner, Honorable Shri Ravindra Chavan, minister of state for Information Technology, Ports, Medical Education, Consumer Protection, Food and Civil Supplies Shri. Vidyadhar Anaskar, Administrator, MSC Bank; Shri. Sanjay Bhende, Administrator, MSC Bank; Mr. Mahagaonkar, Member of adminstrative board MSC Bank, Anand Naik, Co-founder CEO, Sequretek[/caption]

Cooperative banks have begun embracing latest banking technologies to offer top of the line services to their customers, however, due to gap in their security, many co-operative and schedule banks have fallen prey to data breaches in the recent times. Over the past few months RBI has issued guidelines making it mandatory for banks across categories to invest in securing their IT assets, however, co-operative banks have generally found it tough to allocate resources on account of their size and presence in remote locations. With such a scenario fast becoming their reality, it is first time anywhere in India; a banking association has taken a progressive step to align their member banks with a comprehensive cyber security program. This initiative by MSCBA is an attempt to give co-operative banks a fighting chance against hackers and data thieves.

Mrs. Swati Pande, CEO of MSCBA, says, “For a very long time we have been watching with trepidation the potential impact of cyber security threats on our member banks. Analysis of several of the recent security incidents reveals that majority of them could have been prevented had there been a 24x7 cyber security operations center monitoring it. We were also acutely aware of the fact that these banks do not have the resources to implement the same. I am grateful to our board under whose guidance we were able to frame the structure, and I am very pleased at the acceptance of our approach by our member banks. This will go a long way in significantly improving bank’s security posture."

Sequretek, which works with some of top financial institutions in the country, will be giving access to the same next generation AI powered security monitoring to co-operative banks. They will be sharing threat intelligence across the network to alert banks of possible breaches and help them plug the gap before an attack can cause any real damage. Sequretek will be offering 24/7 security support through their SOC, which monitors more than 300 million incidents globally on a daily basis. The company will also be training 1,000 security professionals to help the banks manage aspects of cyber security on site thus ensuring an end-to-end cyber security protection and also create a pool of security experts.

Pankit Desai, Co-founder CEO, Sequretek, says, “Small size banks often find it challenging on account of limited resources to be able have access to the right technology to better serve their cyber security needs. Not anymore. Our commitment to co-operative banks is to extend our full suite of cyber security services which includes monitoring, threat intelligence, training and continuous updating of the overall security infrastructure."

Sequretek, India’s fastest growing cyber security company believes in making security simple and drive down the cost of ownership. Their security products are also designed on these principles so that level of complexity comes down when deploying it at enterprise level. The way this engagement is structured, not only is it being made simple in terms of implementation, the company is also creating a Marathi language incident response desk that will be able to speak to the banks in local language and thereby remove any potential issue that could come up on account of language barrier.

Anand Naik, Co-founder CEO, Sequretek, says, “Our Cyber SOC is our most sophisticated offering for enterprises security space. The SOC within our premises is running 24/7 on AI and monitors millions of incidents on a daily basis. The Machine learning capabilities help our data scientists understand different kind of threats out there and if any of them are heading towards our customers. We are confident that with the help of SOC, we will be able to help co-operative banks stay safe from unscrupulous threats with a clear intention of paralyzing their banking process.

Maharashtra State Cooperative Banks’ Association

The Maharashtra State Cooperative Banks’ Association represents the interests of State Co-operative Banks, District Central Co-op. Banks and Urban Co-op. Banks in the state of Maharashtra as well as promotes uniformity of co-operative banking practice. It supports its member banks with several initiatives in the area of governance, audits, technology, recruitment/promotion tests, training, best practices as well as conducts forums of exchange of ideas and recognition of top performers.

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