In India, Solar power is a fast developing industry. Report says that the country's solar installed capacity reached 28.18 GW as of 31 March 2019. Initially the Indian government had a target of 20 GW for 2022, which was achieved four years in advance.

In 2015, the target was raised to 100 GW of solar capacity, including 40 GW from rooftop solar by 2022, targeting an investment of US$100 billion. So this is going to be our future and Solar is here to stay, in the welfare of the common man, who is ready to go Solar. According to a report, rooftop solar power accounts for 3.4 GW, of which 70% is industrial or commercial.In addition to its large-scale grid-connected solar photovoltaic (PV) initiative, India is developing off-grid solar power for local energy needs. Solar products have increasingly helped to meet rural needs also such as solar lantern sand solar cookers.

ZunRoof,a solar tech startup, started its journey two years ago, and now it has the highest of residential rooftop installations in India.With more than 1 Lakh happy clients, ZunRoof is the largest solar rooftop company for homes and small businesses in India.

Considering each Indian roof is unique, Gurgaon-headquartered ZunRoof creates aesthetically attractive solar rooftop designs by a mix of Image Processing, VR and Data Analytics. ZunRoof also provides IOT-based remote monitoring system that gives real time updates about solar energy production and lifetime customer support. Going Solar with ZunRoof can help you save up to 100% in your electricity bill. It happened with Delhi residents like Chetan Khera, Rohin Marker, and Shashi Kiran Singh Puri. All three residents’ homes are located in an area that has sufficient power supply but they were incurring expensive electricity bills.

ZunRoof recommended them to install a Grid Tied-solar system at their homes, depending on the need. As we see, Delhi receives substantial amount of sunlight in summer,ZunRoof suggested them to invest in solar power to reduce electricity bills to a maximum as the net metering and subsidy given by the government make solar power a very cost effective and affordable solution for one and all.

Rohin Marker installed 5kW ZunRoof solar system at his home in Delhi which helped him go green and save money. As a result of the substantial savings in electricity bills, the DISCOM provider has offered to reduce his sanctioned load from 11kW to 7 kW.Almost same experiences were shared by Chetan Khera and Shashi Kiran Singh Puri too. While Chetan Khera went with 5kW system size, and got zero electricity Bill, the installation of 10kW system size at the house of Shashi Kiran Singh Puri, helped him to resolve his problem of high electricity bill, now the energy consumption at his house has a negative bill, which means he is making monthly income by selling excess electricity back to the main grid. ZunRoof has provided an incredible energy and cost efficient option to them. It saves their money and also provides power backup during power cuts.

ZunRoof ensures that clients remain happy with a client ticketing system.Clients get sustained rooftop output and real-time savings from solar on the App through IOT based diagnostics and maintenance alerts. ZunRoof offers the best prices and the right quality options to the customers through multiple installer partners in Delhi (NCR), and it designs the optimum solution for the customer’s requirements in an extremely transparent way.

In April, ZunRoof had raised funding of $1.2 million from Godrej family office. The solar startup is also backed by Ramakant Sharma, Founder of Livspace, an online home interior design and renovation platform, and Arun Diaz of Venture debt firm IntelleGrow.

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