India’s one of the leading college admission and career portal has come up with the first ever AI based assistance platform for students named ‘Shiksha Assistant’. It’s a one stop platform for extracting relevant information available in millions of topics related to careers, colleges, courses and exams on Shiksha’s site. It makes it possible for a student to instantly get an answer to his query without searching for information.

Shiksha assistant like other assistant will answer all higher education related queries of a student. System will interact with the students to give answers to any queries from college details, exam details, career to course details. It tries to provide the exact information which student is trying to find out with the information available on Shiksha. After providing the solution to the query, it will also provide a link to the student to navigate for more information available on the query.

Shiksha Assistant uses multiple Artificial intelligence technologies & techniques to give an answer to students’ queries. Firstly, it tries to understand the intent of students’ queries. Secondly by using NLP (Natural language processing), it tries to understand what all topics it can serve as per the query. Based on that, it tries matching the students’ intent with topics to extract the precise details required from the information available within the topics. Shiksha Assistant tries to build the context of queries and provide relevant results based on previous conversations with the student or the information student is exploring on the portal.

Mr. Vivek Jain, Chief Business Officer, says, "We proudly announce the introduction of ‘Shiksha Assistant’- the first ever Assistance Platform for Students. It’s an interactive platform that tries to understand the user doubts by enabling a conversation. Now search is made easier and simpler for students on Shiksha. With Shiksha Assistant, students need not have to read every bit of information in finding their desired details nor have to spend time in searching for information within these topics. Beside this, Shiksha Assistant also drives conversation with students by recommending more new relevant information for them to discover based on the popular topics looked out by the similar profile of students.”

Considering aggressive need of information during the engineering and MBA admission season, the Shiksha Assistant tool has been designed to reduce the burden of students in making a right decision while visiting Shiksha portal for Engineering students at and for MBA students at in search of their requirement.

Shiksha Assistant provides data driven reliable information available on Shiksha within seconds to a student. The robust system can handle millions of student queries at any point of time.

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