Sahara India Pariwar has entered the automobile sector with its new electric vehicle (EV) brand called Sahara Evols.

Sahara Evols will offer electric scooters, motorcycles, 3-wheelers and cargo vehicles. According to the company, the electric motors and drivetrains used in the brand's products have been developed in Germany. The vehicles are powered by lightweight and portable lithium-ion batteries with fast charging capability. It is claimed to charge up to 40% in 1 hour, which is enough to cover 55-150 km in a single charge depending on the type and category.

The vehicles are equipped with features like GPS tracking system and come with a Sahara Evols mobile app. The app can be used to track the vehicle, request road-side assistance, analyse performance and lock the vehicle. The vehicles also come with a distress alarm and anti-theft alarm.

The company claims that the average cost of running their EVs is around 20 paise per km. In comparison, the cost of running a petrol vehicle is Rs. 2 per km.

[caption id="attachment_130946" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Sahara Veera Sahara Veera - 3-wheelers[/caption]

‘Sahara Evols’, while starting from Lucknow, shall establish its ecosystem in Tier II and Tier III cities of India by the end of this financial year, in a phase wise manner. Subsequently, in the next financial year it shall be rolling out its products and services, pan-India.

At present, Sahara Evols has delivered 101 vehicles and is setting up 57 service centres in the Lucknow district. The company plans to expand to Tier II and Tier III cities in India by the end of this fiscal and start pan-India operations in the next financial year. It is also setting up a network of battery charging cum swapping stations.

On the occasion ‘Saharasri’ Subrata Roy Sahara said, “We are proud to introduce for the first time, a complete ecosystem of electric vehicles in India. Sustainable and environment-friendly modes of transportation are the need of the time as well as for the benefit of our future generations. The aggravated state of air pollution, majorly due to the proliferation of fossil fuel driven vehicles that emit toxic fumes in the atmosphere, is a silent but the biggest of threats to life on earth today. In fact, it is a grim reality that air pollution is affecting us personally and in quite an adverse way. Studies reveal that one out of every 8 deaths in India is owing to air pollution. Besides, the imports of crude oil heavily burden our country’s economy. The money otherwise could have been utilized by our government for public welfare like in health and education, for instance.”

He further said, “Globally, however remedies to return to a cleaner and a healthier world are been explored. The Sahara Evols range of electric vehicles is going to be our contribution in this direction – towards alternate, sustainable and eco-friendly modes of transportation."

Sources - Team BHP, News Barons

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