To assess the requisite space and counter-space capabilities of India required amid growing threats arising from China's growing space capabilities, the country is now planning to conduct its first-ever simulated space warfare exercise, named as 'IndSpaceEx' and for same Modi-led government has created a new entity, Defense Space Agency (DSA).

IndSpaceEx is essentially a table-top war-game with all stakeholders from the military and scientific community taking part in it, reported Times of India. In addition, the simulated space warfare will also help India better grasp the strategic challenges in space that need to be handled.

Typically, a space warfare includes ground-to-space warfare, such as attacking satellites from the Earth, as well as space-to-space warfare, such as satellites attacking satellites.

"The main aim of the exercise, to be held in the last week of July under the aegis of the Integrated Defence Staff of the defence ministry, is to assess the requisite space and counter-space capabilities that are needed by India to ensure we can protect our national security interests in this final frontier of warfare," the Times of India reported quoted a senior official as saying.

Quoting DRDO Chief, G Satheesh Reddy, the report further said that, India was working to develop other counter-space capabilities like directed energy weapons (DEWS), lasers, EMP and co-orbital killers as well as the ability to protect its own satellites from electronic or physical attacks.

Since then, the DSA has begun to take shape by amalgamating the Defence Imagery Processing and Analysis Centre (Delhi) and the Defence Satellite Control Centre (Bhopal), with a two-star Indian Air Force general to be soon appointed to head it.

The agency will eventually grow into a full-fledged Space Command in the years ahead, said Reddy.

As of 2019 no actual warfare has ever taken place in space, though a number of tests and demonstrations have been performed. International treaties are in place that regulate conflicts in space and limit the installation of space weapon systems, especially nuclear weapons.

Notably, India's neighbor China is working aggressively towards developing its military capabilities in space. Just few days back, China had launched a rocket loaded with seven satellites from the sea. The country has witnessed over 100 spacecraft missions consisting of communication, navigation, earth observation and other satellites.

India too had recently conducted a successful anti-Satellite(ASAT) missile test named 'Mission Shakti'. ASAT are missile-based systems to attack moving satellites.The ASAT test has been carried out by bringing down one of the Indian satellites in the low earth orbit.The test was aimed at strengthening the capability to safeguard space assets and India’s overall security.

[Top Image - Gerd Altmann from Pixabay]

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