Some of the greatest of the inventions that have helped us understand the world and space better have been airplanes, satellites, spacecrafts and missiles. All these have been the brainchild of an aerospace engineer. This area of study requires critical thinking and attention to details. Aerospace engineering includes utilizing science and math to create tangible and innovative products that are used for analysis, research and more.

To be a successful aerospace engineer, one must pursue MTech in aerospace engineering degree as their specialized course. This specialization trains students of the intricacies involving development and design of aircrafts and spacecrafts. This field requires a lot of hard work and is extremely niche when it comes to the domain of engineering. Hence, it is a fulfilling and lucrative career field you can prosper in.

It might be a sought-after career option to pursue as a specialization when it comes to engineering; but by opting for such a specialization, you also contribute quite a bit to the society.

Aerospace Engineers Contributing to the Society

Ensuring the Best Quality

An aerospace engineer assesses materials that are used in the manufacturing of aircrafts and spacecrafts. These quality control assessments are essential when it comes to their glitch-free and smooth functioning. This also involves sitting with the design team and coordinating with them to manufacture parts that meet the customer requirements, environment regulations and efficient engineering principles.

Helping Us Understand Space Better

We all love watching and keeping up with those launches at ISRO, SpaceX and NASA! Have you ever thought who has a major role to play in them? Yes, aerospace engineers! These engineers are responsible for getting people and all the supplies safely into space and more importantly back to planet earth. Some of the jobs that an aerospace engineer can take up in the space industry are of launch engineer, training specialist, antenna engineer and much more.

Making Travel Easy

Most of us prefer to fly when it comes to travelling long distance as it is super convenient, cost effective and time saving. The industry has developed so much that it has allowed people to access even the farthest and the remotest part of the world with ease. This has also helped in making the world a much smaller place and has encouraged globalization immensely. An aerospace engineer contributes in this industry by creating fuel saving wing designs, efficient navigation systems, developing power efficient in-flight entertainment system, and more. This is a fast growing and developing field that requires a lot of contribution from aerospace engineers.

Protecting our Nation

With a degree in aerospace engineering, a lot of doors to opportunities in the defense sector open. In this field, an aerospace engineer is not only expected to design and plan innovative aircrafts but also work on missiles and other essential facets of defense. These contributions made by an aerospace engineer is essential when it comes to defending or protecting our nation’s integrity from internal and external threats. If someone with a degree in aerospace engineering is planning to pursue a career in defense, one should ensure that they have a clean slate when it comes to background checks!

Pursuing a MTech in aerospace degree is highly fruitful as it is an ever-evolving field with rewarding career choices. Many reputed organizations that are eagerly looking to hire aerospace engineers are ISRO, HAL, NAL, DRDO and many more. However, there are only a handful of universities in India that offer MTech in Aerospace Engineering. UPES is one of the best universities to offer an extensive and well-planned program in aerospace engineering. With an excellent faculty and placement record, UPES is one of the top universities for students to pursue their education in aerospace.

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