Facebook is Evil and a new-age Propaganda machine for every thing wrong on this planet. From allegedly spreading far-right propaganda in order to try and influence the US Presidential elections to generating fake likes and comments, it seems Facebook is not serious about its loopholes to prevent damage to the world and its citizens, who are already suffering.

Just today, an another unethical practice by Facebook has been uncovered.

Although there are few good people and entities on the largest social network that are spreading some sense, they however are failing ahead of deep pockets of "Evil Powers".

The Mark Zuckerberg promoted company is causing more harm than good to any society. From spreading fake news covering up rape of 8-year-old girl in Jammu & Kashmir to defaming Nobel prize laureate Amritya Sen and his daughter, I have had seen all this running over Facebook, which started as community for college students but ended up into cover-up tool for politicians.

We, www.indianweb2.com, therefore quit Facebook as a symbol of protest and it doesn't even matter as we're not hugely followed over Facebook. From 1200 AM Indian Standard Time, we'll remove our everything on Facebook.

Nevertheless, there few loyal readers of Indianweb2.com following us since 2007. To them, we humbly request them follow on other social media platforms as below:

Top Image by Jan Tinneberg on Unsplash

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