Delhi-based Hyperhire, a B2B End to End HR Solutions Platform that leverages Artificial Intelligence to identify most appropriate candidates for the relevant profiles, has received 200k USD worth investments as seed funding to launch JOBKET in India. The investment has been done by Seoul based early-stage venture capital firm Springcamp and supported by the Korean Government.

JOBKET is a unique job platform which brings out the concept of referrals in the HR process. The concept of referrals is much trusted for years to source quality profiles for companies offering the most suited opportunities for candidates. The company is also set to announce their series A funding in the coming months.

The newly launched platform will allow users to access various handpicked Job descriptions from renowned companies, basis which they can either self-apply or recommend their colleagues/friends who may have great talent but are unaware of a great opportunity. These ‘referrals’ are designed to be dealt with complete sanctity of offering rewards to those whose recommendations make it to the hiring. Depending on the stature of the Job Profile, users on the site for their referrals can enjoy rewards worth Rs 20,000 – Rs 1,00,000 if their referred candidate makes it to the company.

The launch of JOBKET further builds up the profile of Hyperhire which is a B2B End to End HR Solutions Platform that uses Artificial Intelligence to screen these quality profiles supported by Human Intelligence which is a pool of experienced professionals from leading companies that Hyperhire has put together to screen these profiles further and interview the further shortlisted pool ensuring a point evaluation system and final bunch of selected candidates is what gets passed on to the company, making the process more efficient and hassle free with the quickest turnaround for quality candidates.

Speaking about the development, Mr Daniel Mingi Kim, CEO, Hyperhire said “Machine learning is a boom and a blessing, but its true magic can be seen when combined with Human learning and intelligence. Together the evolution beats all odds and makes success the only output. We at Hyperhire realize that and are here to source the best from the available pool of talent and scout for new ones.”

In the words of the Indian Co-founders of Hyperhire, Amrita Gujral and Nakul Sethi, “JOBKET is a well thought through product with excellence of tech from Korea and the Indian HR insights ensuring the product puts itself to best use guaranteeing efficiency. There are new roles, new skill sets, some enhanced, some newly acquired, the variety is interesting enough for HR managers across companies to step on new understanding of these profiles to ensure the best sifted candidates are hired. We step in as enablers for the HR managers, making the hiring decisions simplified. Ever learning, ever growing!”

JOBKET is a complete solution which in its initial phase will reach out to potential candidates in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. The platform will gradually spread its wings pan India in its next expansion model sometime during end of this year.
About Hyperhire

In an era of machine learning, the value of human knowledge is lesser understood, but it is this knowledge that nourishes and further betters machine learning capacities and advancements. We become the mixologist that seamlessly blends the human skills with the emerging technology, to create a beautiful blend of workplace experiences fit for the working world of today and tomorrow.

Source - Business Wire India

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