The rankings in the Saleforce Asia Pacific AI Readiness Index placed Singapore as the region’s leader at 76% followed by Hongkong and India. ranks at number 3 within the region

The report, commissioned by Salesforce and prepared by TRPC, evaluated eight APAC economies -- Australia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand and how these nations fare relative to each other in Artificial Intelligence (AI) readiness.


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Ranked at 3 in the report, India is one of few global economies to have implemented and perfected automated processes across many different industries, it has a large number of AI startups. However, the country ranks low on dynamism and innovation in this space, impacting its business readiness.

Singapore, Hong Kong, the Philippines, and India score high in terms of consumer awareness of AI but relatively low in consumer understanding of AI.


AI Index b y Salesforce

In terms of sentiment, positive outlooks towards AI are highest in Thailand and India – two economies in which
consumers interact primarily with AI technologies geared towards entertainment (home assistants, geolocation applications, etc.) – and lowest in Singapore and Malaysia – two economies that are increasingly confronted to more intrusive facets of AI, such as AI-enabled surveillance.

In terms of innovation, India’s AI ecosystem is held back by the lack of existing skilled professionals who can develop innovative AI solutions. Other key findings:

  • 76% of companies in India feel the shortage of skilled professionals is slowing down AI adoption

  • Indian consumers are largely aware of AI technologies and their benefits, thanks in part to entertainment-driven products and services.

  • India is among the most prepared economies in terms of government readiness.

AI Startups

Indian AI startups are constrained by the fact that most small and mid-sized businesses cannot afford to adopt or implement AI systems, said the report.

Currently, India leads the way in terms of number of AI start-ups despite having moderate scores for all other indicators suggesting that much more could be accomplished if companies were to have the business environment they
need for their innovative potential to flourish.

It is worth noting that Malaysia ranks highest in terms of venture capital availability and second-to-last in number of AI start-ups, indicating a clear disconnect between business potential and business capacity. The same can be said of Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines, where there is much room for growth. This is not the case in India and Australia, where capital and investments are much more aligned with actual enterprise creation.


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