India’s first sales and marketing solutions platform, Benddit today announced having closed $250K of seed funding from industry leaders. The Benddit platform is a unique blend of smart-tech and expert intervention that allows companies and start-ups to find the best fit solution provider for their specific marketing and sales needs. Benddit will use this round of funding to accelerate product development, expand its team of experts, on board service providers through a strict verification process, and bolster marketing initiatives. 

Benddit is a marketplace that offers 'expert intelligence’ enhanced by technology to match client requirements to service providers in marketing and sales. Companies of all sizes today require outsourced expertise at the right price, innovative and flexible, and with high service standards. Today they may rely on their personal networks to look for experts that may be inefficient. This critical challenge is solved by Benddit in a scientific way that is a win-win for both the companies and the service providers.

Benddit’s proprietary tech algorithm matches the requirements of its clients seeking specific solutions in sales, and marketing to the specialised service providers, basis various parameters such as complexity, stage, relevance, cost, etc. The algorithm scans through Benddit's database of service providers and suggests the best fit names of service provider with 'scores' - to reflect the degree of the 'match' between the two and then facilitates a call between the company and the selected provider. This process is augmented by the intervention of Benddit Experts who assist clients with crystalizing their requirements and articulating their brief on the platform precisely, to be able to make the ‘perfect match’. Further, the Experts hand hold the entire process of the service delivery to ensure that clients receive the quality of services assured and the service provider is also well supported in being able to meet commitments. This two-way intervention is a key aspect of Benddit’s operations.

“Every business today is looking at agile, creative service providers across a spectrum of services where they are assured of quality and timely service. We are excited that Benddit is bringing a first of its kind solution to the industry through a platform that simplifies a necessary, but often burdensome process with a platform that is as easy to use as making a phone call. Our blended model, of using tech as well as Experts to support and hand hold both the client and service provider alike, ensures that we deliver impactful results!” says Vani Gupta. 

“Our vision is to be the ultimate destination, for marketing and sales services, at scale. We are excited for the funding, as it will help us grow our team of experts and improve our machine learning capabilities”, said Vipul.

“This is just the beginning of our journey. We plan to become an indispensable part of the client journey

as our platform evolves. Our mission is to continue to build technology that helps change the way businesses buy from businesses, and I can’t wait to see what this means for 2019 and beyond,” said Venkatesh.


Benddit is born out of the challenges that its founders – – Vani Gupta Dandia, Venkatesh Rangachari and Vipul Gupta experienced as professionals in large multinational and start-ups alike, of not being able to find service providers best suited for their various business requirements. Vani was previously the Marketing Director of PepsiCo. She has worked on several global brands including Sunsilk, Dove, Veet, Fa, Coca-Cola and Adidas during her 20+ years career. Venkatesh previously was the head for Growth for Shuttl and COO – Delhi NCR of Airtel and Vipul was the Head of Business Development at Practo and prior to that with Airtel, PepsiCo & Accenture.


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