Getting addicted to mobile game is now a huge problem for a big number of people all over the world. Playing in moderate amount is ok but for some people, it is becoming too much and they are not been able to handle thereby leading to addiction. You might think that it’s quite impossible to get addicted to mobile games but it is definitely having a high effect on a large number of people lives and they are revolving around apps in a very unhealthy way.

Everybody loves playing games on the mobile phone because it's fun. In present-day life which is very tightly scheduled, these games assist us in decreasing stress to some levels. After all playing game is not unsafe until and unless it becomes an addiction. Some people in order to liberate some stress start playing mobile games for long hours but it adversely affects their health both physically as well as mentally. Now you must be wondering why these games are so addictive.

Well! by digging deeply into some of the features of mobile games, this question will be answered.

Easily accessible: One of the major reasons why mobile phone games are being increasingly used is the easy access. One can easily find the game of her/his interest and there is no need for any extra exertion. There are large numbers of games you can get on the internet. Along with availability, it is also very easy to understand. For example, if you want to play roulette and doesn't know how to play it. Then for that also there are large numbers of websites that provide effective Roulette Strategy that will help in winning the game.

They are either freemium or totally free: Most of the games available on the phone are free which means free entertainment. The developers of mobile phone games provide those services at no cost in order to get a large number of users. This is one of the chief reasons for being addicted to the game. And those which are freemium they are free in the initial phase and then become chargeable after playing certain rounds of the game. But by then the user becomes addicted.

Provides appreciation: Who doesn't love appreciation. Therefore, while playing mobile games when somebody accomplishes a goal and set some high score, they get various rewards or appreciation. This motivates the users to play further. It is a logic used by most of the mobile phone game developers.

Attractive layouts and graphics: Nowadays the games in mobile phones are being designed in a way to make it more attractive and drive more and more users. They are not only attractive but are also very easy to play and understand. Have you ever played Roulette? It's very easy to understand when you play it in some apps. Along with amazing graphics and rewards, there are large numbers of Roulette Strategy available over the internet that helps in easy understanding.

An opportunity to unite with several unknown peoples: the majority of the games are online games, it helps in connecting with a lot of unknown people. This is one of the big reasons for getting addicted to games.

Technically full: Present day mobile games are very eye-catching and technically full. They are made in such a way that they can be easily installed as well as run and consume very less memory in your mobile phones. And this easy availability, as well as easy access, leads to addiction.

Never ends: The developers of mobile games are very elegant. They will never allow you to end the game by completing stages. As these games are online, the game developers always create new levels for which you will never get a chance to punch the game. You will get new stages every time and this leads to addiction.

Can be shared socially: We feel very proud whenever we complete a complicated stage and most of the games permit us to share this victory in social media platforms. To get more conceit and attention, we tend to take part in it more and more thereby leading to addiction.

Unpredictable rewards: Most of the mobile game app provides various types of prizes as well as rewards. This is for enhancing the level of engagement. This prize money, as well as rewards, help in enjoying the game and also accomplish the entire journey.

Complicated challenges: The games are made in such a manner that the players face a lot of challenges at the time of playing. They require motivation in order to stick to the game for which most the games provide challenges and specific tasks to keep them engaged.

What is the method of addiction?

Mobile games are not that dangerous like that of heroin. But it is quite addictive in nature. Inside the brain, there is a chemical called dopamine, which is required for searching and finding out new things. The mobile games help in triggering secretion of this chemical. Dopamine is a remuneration motivated chemical and it helps in the mechanization of the brain to repeat the action in future.

But there is a solution to these problems. Even if it is difficult but it is not that impossible to stop this addiction. Some of the best tips for ending this mobile phone addiction is not by withdrawing suddenly but to end it in a slow process by reducing the quantity of time you play. Always try to play in self-control. Take help of some mobile apps that will effectively monitor and will keep an eye on your phone app hours.


In several ways, mobile games ate like monsters that lures us and motivates us highly for playing more and more. But if it is becoming an addiction, then try to cut down the addiction by adopting several ways.

All you should know is enjoy the game, play the game but in limited amount. Play it as a act of recreation rather than allowing it to consume your important time.


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