Technology driven Sanitation start-up “Fresh Rooms” today announced a seed funding of INR 30 Million (₹3 Crore equivalent to ~ USD 415,000) from angel investor. Based on the Internet of Things (IoT) model, Fresh Rooms is world’s first-of-its-kind model of pay-and-use washroom, which promises a luxurious and hygienic space to freshen up with added advantages of Café, Luggage room, rest rooms, etc.

Founded by young entrepreneur Mr. Ashutosh Giri, Fresh Rooms is the extension to the modern-day “Smart Toilet” that will ensure you to experience smart washroom, which will automatically clean after every use. It completely works on the eco-friendly model that has the waste management, water-recycling facilities, where most of the operations will be powered by solar energy.

[caption id="attachment_127260" align="aligncenter" width="863"] Freshrooms Founder Mr. Ashutosh Giri[/caption]

Fresh Rooms is a sanitation start-up which is introduced on the model of pay and use washroom. Addressing to the issue of hygiene in public toilets the startup promises to offer a luxury space to freshen up, while also taking care of their user’s luggage and their comfort.

Fresh Rooms has been envisaged on a model that will have public restroom, refreshment centre, cloakroom and lounge, side by side at all across the country’s busiest destinations. The company will extensively be operating on Internet of Things (IoT), rather than dependent on humans, to keep restrooms clean, fresh and perfectly hygienic as per the unique selling proposition of this start-up. Whatever customers pay as service charge for use of restrooms, they will get points against that, which they can redeem and buy refreshments like tea or coffee or any eatables from the attached Fresh Rooms cafe. Inclusive to all this, there is an awesome Fresh Rooms App which will help you locate the nearest public toilet, details of opening hours, accessibility, parking and other extra features (parking, baby change, adult change, shower, water, sharps, sanitary)to provide maximum comfort to its users.

Mr. Ashutosh Giri, founder Fresh Rooms, said, “The perception about public toilets in India is completely gloomy. That’s why we have taken this challenge to change the entire eco system of public sanitisation. Nowhere else in the world such facilities are available. To translate our idea into reality, we needed a fund and today, we have received an angel investment of INR 30 Million from Angel Investor . We are happy to receive this initial support, which will help to change Indians’ experience of public toilets”.

Keeping our foot forward with the technological perspective, we have also developed a Fresh Rooms App that will allow the users to acquire detailed information about the surrounding restrooms, such as the location of the nearest public toilet, details of opening hours, accessibility, parking and other services in just 3 clicks or within seconds. We are in conversation with other investors as well. Funding will be used to expand the brand Fresh Rooms to the key cities and busiest destinations of the country, he added.

These Fresh Rooms washrooms will maintain the temperature according to the weather and will automatically clean after every use unlike the other existing pay-and-use public toilets. Washrooms will be maintained based on high hygiene parameters. Users will get points for charges that they pay for washroom usage, which they can redeem for buying a freshly brewed cup of their favourite beverage.

Fresh Rooms promise to deliver the best and the most efficient operations, management, services and CRM that no other player in the segment could ever offer. Fresh Rooms will open employment opportunities for numerous employees as their team will comprise of young and energetic people who could deliver maximum for the Fresh Rooms’ users.

To recall, recently Government of India, under its flagship 'Start-up India' initiative, has launched Swachch Bharat Grand Challenge, wherein it is inviting application from startups in the sectors of Sanitation, Waste Management, Water Treatment and Air Purification.

An another sanitation-based Indian startup, though not technology driven, is Svadha which offers people in rural areas a number of sanitation solutions – right from sustainable waste management solutions to proper brick and mortar buildings with latrines. These solutions are sold through locally based entrepreneurs who have been well trained by the startup to follow up with all the post-sale management and repairs.

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