The first-ever ‘The Things Conference India’ has ended on a high note but this is just the beginning for a bigger, better and stronger LoRaWAN culture in India! The first-ever ‘The Things Conference India’ took place on 9th and 10th November at HICC, Hyderabad, which witnessed over 400 delegates and 40+ esteemed speakers and tech-experts from across the globe!

The Things Conference is the largest LoRaWAN conference in the world and The Things Network is the largest LoRaWAN community in the world.

Many countries across the world have recognised the potential of LoRaWAN and are implementing the technology to build Smart Nations. The changes it could bring in India are immense. LoRaWAN can reduce the costs involved in building Smart Cities multifold. With this technology, a Smart India is not very far.

Ram Ganesh, CEO - CyberEye, the company which brought this conference to India for the first time, said, “These two days have been quite phenomenal in spreading the culture of LoRaWAN. The response we received from the tech community was extraordinary. Over the two days, everyone was totally focused on learning and spreading knowledge. This is the tech culture we want to see in India. And The Things Conference India is just the beginning.”

“Thanks to iB Hubs for supporting us in bringing the conference together. Also, with this kind of support we are getting from the tech community here in India, our vision is not very far. ”, adding this, Ram went on to thank all the speakers and other partners for making this conference a big success. Notably, CyberEye is supported end-to-end by a PAN India Startup Hub named iB Hubs.

Wienke Giezeman, CEO, The Things Industries announced, “Together with iB Hubs and CyberEye, we’re glad to announce The Things Network India. CyberEye is going to be the face of this community and together, we will build the ecosystem in a stronger way. India is a really good breeding ground for new technologies. The Things Network also means infrastructure, so we’ll make it happen to run public networks and private networks here in India”

“I’m amazed at the scale and quality at which this conference has been done and it was amazing to witness such tremendous growth in such short time. At this pace, phenomenal things can be achieved in the near future.” Wienke thanked iB Hubs and CyberEye for bringing The Things Conference to India and for making it possible.

“India has a lot of potential and this is the right time to ignite the energies. We always believe that if you just put the right kind of technology in the hands of Indians and you see wonders happening.” Ram added.

CyberEye is the face of The Things Network India. Shesha Sai, Director - IoT Business, CyberEye, will be the India community manager. CyberEye also has announced that The Things Conference would be back in 2019 on a larger scale & with a vision to build stronger inclusive community across India. The community gathered at the conference believe that this is a huge leap to make smart cities in India a reality.

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