In a first-of-its-kind initiative, thought leaders and leading industry practitioners from analytics and AI have come together to form the Association of Data Scientists in India (ADaSci) - a nonprofit organisation for professionals working in the field of data science, analytics, big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Envisioned by Analytics India Magazine, ADaSci is an industry leading association, that aims towards evangelizing and fostering a community of industry leaders, researchers, subject matter experts. It will create growth opportunities and empower the next generation of data scientists through inspiring new ideas and research.

The goal is to foster collaboration amongst data science decision makers and stakeholders and serve as a forum for promoting research, empowering data scientists and enthusiasts and addressing the current challenges of data science faced by organisations. The Association will play a prominent role as a focal point for networking with industry professionals and help members maximize their career goals. "Analytics and AI has the potential to be the next game-changer for the industry but the space lacks a nonprofit body or an umbrella society which can serve the need for analytics professionals in India. ADaSci aims to bring together key stakeholders and thought leaders in India and provides a forum for integrating knowledge and support the interchange of information. As a nonprofit society, it aims to be a one-stop platform for all career, research and networking related needs of Indian analytics professionals," said Bhaskar Gupta, Founder & CEO, Analytics India Magazine

Core Initiatives of ADaSci
As a leading hub for researchers, scientist, analytics leaders, consultants and students, ADaSci is a fast growing community of experts with the highest professional standards.

  • Organize national and international conferences for academics and professionals

  • Publish peer reviewed scholarly journals with the latest data science methods and applications

  • Advance education and create employment opportunities by providing analytics certification and continuing education to assist members in career development.

Why Join ADaSci - India's Leading Analytics Society Research

As a member, one gets a pathway to contribute to the analytics community and gain access to peer-reviewed journals and will also get an opportunity to submit research in the journals.

  • Present research and gain access to international, regional, and topical conferences, specialized workshops, and related events throughout the year at reduced price for members

  • Students, professionals, academicians and researchers can develop white papers aimed at evangelizing the analytics ecosystem in India

  • As an ADaSci member, one can engage and share critical information and best practices through research, reports and whitepapers

  • One can also gain access to studies and industry research reports designed in-house aimed at improving analytics practices


ADaSci membership allows one to attend premier international and national conferences at a discounted rate. The society provides an excellent opportunity to network with thought leaders, data science professionals in the industry, share knowledge and expertise with industry at large, gain career advancement opportunities.

  • Through ADaSci's society, one can gain access to unpublished job postings in the industry

  • One can also get a chance to build new relationships, gain recognition for work and network within the body and at conferences

  • ADaSci Mentoring Program allows seasoned professional to give back to the next generation, or young upstarts at the beginning of their career to stay ahead with the mentoring programme

Professional Development

By joining the industry's leading nonprofit analytics body, members shall gain access to cutting-edge learning material from all around the world, insider information and state-of-the-art analytics practices.

  • Benefit from ADaSci workshops and continuing development programmes throughout the year offered at reduced rate for members

  • Through the Career Center -- a web-based service connect with top hiring companies in data science field. Attend ADaSci-hosted Career Fairs each year in conjunction with the Annual Conference and network with recruiters from leading organisations. This is a one-of-its-kind opportunity for employers to meet prospective hires and recruit from a wide pool of talented professionals
  • Build Leadership Profile with the Speakers Program designed to provide members with access to excellent speakers who are experts in data science and analytics

Rewards & Recognition

ADaSci recognizes and rewards professionals, students, academic institutions and organisations pushing the field of data science and machine learning.

  • The awards will recognize and reward people from a wide range of categories

  • Special scholarships will be awarded to meritorious student members who enrolled and excelled in various data science courses from partner institutes and programs

Who Should Join

The membership is open to students, professionals from IT, analytics, machine learning field, researchers, thought leaders and anybody who is interested in the field of data science. The society is a platform to connect with people at the helm of this field, learn about interesting use cases, know about new tools to expand your capabilities, attend cutting-edge workshops and conferences. The membership fee will also go towards supporting all activities, workshops and will give members uninterrupted access to top journals and research. Join ADaSci to broaden career avenues, reach professional goals and network with the best in the industry. Learn from collaborative forums, seminars and talks and share ideas with peers and industry's best.

To recall, according to data shared by Bengaluru-based recruitment firm Belong, Data scientists, along with front-end developers, was the role that received the maximum remuneration increases in startups in 2017. Both received an average salary increase of about 25% last year, compared to the year before.

Source - The Week

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